Interview with Randy Thomas

The Jets' right guard talks about the season and about becoming an unrestricted free agent.

Q) Could you take anything positive out of the Raider game?


Thomas: We fought back. We had an opportunity, but things didn't fall our way. We made some mistakes. [But] Just knowing that at the end of the game, in the two-minute drill, we didn't give up. We tried to still score. Never stopped till the end.


Q) Did you learn anything about you or this team?


Thomas: I thought we were very determined to do well.  We overcame a lot of the downsides.


Q) Has Herm told you that they want you back?


Thomas: No he didn't mention that. I just don't know. I can't give you information I don't know.


Q) Is this an exciting time for you? Guys play their whole careers to be in this situation where they have options and you're in the prime of your career. Is it an exciting prospect to be an unrestricted free agent and take a few visits?


Thomas: Well, yeah. This is my first so, I'm kind of excited about the situation, but I'd like to be a Jet so, I hope it works out.


Q) If a certain coach in Dallas happens to call, would you be interested in that?


Thomas: I'm not talking about that. Right now I'm trying to enjoy at least a couple of weeks off and get my things done to my body that I need to get done, and think positively about the situation.


Q) Do you have surgery planned?


Thomas: In a couple of weeks. I got to get some things done. Shoulder. You guys know. It's been the shoulder.


Q) What are your thoughts on, if they do keep this line together for another year? Could it conceivably be better than it was before?


Thomas: There's always something to build on you know. It's unlimited what we can do. It would be very exciting.


Q) Did you get any feedback on what they thought of your performance this year?


Thomas: Well, they made me an alternate on the Pro Bowl, so however you want to take that. I'm not the type of guy that…but I just can't comment on something that…I don't throw myself out there. I don't have a big head; I'm not that type of guy.



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