Interview with Ted Cottrell, part II

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Q: Are you worried about a college coach taking the job away?


A: "If he does he does, but I'm here right now. That's the only thing that I can control."


Q: Are you comfortable with the offensive system, and offensive coaches, already in place?


A: "Yeah, I'm very comfortable. One of the coaches that's here is (QB coach) Ted Tollner. Ted was with me in Buffalo. Coach Morris, coach Knapp - those guys are well-known as a good offensive line coach and a good offensive coordinator. Over the years, everyone's tried to emulate the West Coast Offense. I think it started here didn't it? I think these people know what they're doing then don't they? Not too damn bad is it?"


Q: Is taking those coaches as a part of your staff part of the deal of becoming coach?


A: No it's not. They're leaving it up to the guy coming in. There's been a recommendation, but they're still leaving it up to the guy coming in. They give you your choice of whether you want to retain them or not if you become the head coach."



Q: Do you have an offensive philosophy?


A: "Yeah, keep the defense off the field. That's my offensive philosophy (laughs). One thing I've always admired, because it's tough to stop, is the West Coast Offense. It's been tough to stop from a defensive standpoint. It's an offense that's been successful. I always said if I became a head coach, that's the offense I would strongly look at and try to implement."



Q: Are you prepared to bring in a defensive staff to coach the 49ers defense?


A: "Yes, but that's part of the interview process. They ask you about your staff. They'll tell you who has been retained and how many positions you'll have to fill. That's part of it."



Q: Do you think you've had to battle a stigma of having several interviews, but no job?


A: Well, that's the point I made before. Of all of them, there's four that I consider a quality, legitimate interview. That's four - not a whole bunch. The rest you can take and do whatever you want with them. They were not what I consider quality interviews."

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