Jaguar insider on RB Chauncey Washington

Here is what Jacksonville Jaguar insider Charlie Bernstein had to say about the newest Jet, RB Chauncey Washington, who is a former Jaguar -

Chauncey Washington is a back with some running skills, as he has good straight line speed and can catch the ball out of the backfield. He isn't quite quick and shifty enough to be a third-down back and he doesn't possess the abilities to be an every downs back. Chauncey wasn't great in pass protection and I believe that ultimately cost him his job in Jacksonville. He is good on special teams and a guy who most members on the coaching staff liked.

Aside from his foul-ups in pass protection, it is rumored that Washington's release was due to some politics, as the front office was disposing of many of the draft picks that James "Shack" Harris signed off on (although current general manager Gene Smith) has been with the team for 14 years). He's a "try hard" guy with some definite running skills, as he was the unfortunate victim of a couple long touchdowns negated by questionable penalties each of the last two preseasons.

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