Mike Pettine's break down of the Colts

Here is Mike Pettine in-depth assessment of the Colts offense and how to best deal with them -

"Obviously, it all starts with the quarterback. That's a no-brainer. (Peyton Manning is) the best in the game. You put him right up there with (Tom) Brady. A lot of people give the edge to Peyton. (He's been) Player of the Year four time. He's a certain Hall of Famer. He's the one that makes it go. Somebody made the point that they were 14-0, but without him, they could very easily be the exact opposite given the way games went. It starts with him and they've surrounded him with a great group of skill players. Everybody from the tight end to all the wideouts to the running backs, all have great hands. They all have run-after-the-catch ability.

"I think what elevates the receivers though is the quarterback's ability to put the ball exactly where it needs to be. You see tight windows in coverage and the ball is still getting exactly where it needs to be. It's a huge challenge for us, by far our biggest challenge of the year going against this offense. We played against the Saints in the beginning of the year (and) played the Patriots twice, but we put this challenge slightly ahead of those other ones.

"It's critical [to disguise}. Pre-snap movement. We always use a phrase we had gotten from Mike Nolan years ago, "You don't want to be iron deer on the lawn." You don't want to stand in one spot and let them know where you're going to be. We try to gear all of our calls where you know where you're supposed to be ultimately, but we can go ahead and move around. Peyton Manning is the quarterback. At quarterback, if he knows what you're in, you're in trouble. He's good enough if he doesn't know the coverage, but if you give him a tell (or) something that is an indicator to what you're playing, he'll know exactly where to go with the ball. He's the best in the League, maybe in the best in history or understanding defense and taking what a defense will give him."

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