Q-and-A with B-Schotty

Q)What are your thoughts on how the passing game evolved?

Schottenheimer: The passing game was the slowest thing for us to develop. You point to that by the fact that you have a young rookie quarterback, we added Braylon (Edwards) late and there is a feel in the passing game, there's trust. There are things that don't develop overnight. here is a comfort level now between Mark (Sanchez) and Dustin (Keller), JCo (Jerricho Cotchery), Braylon (Edwards), even Shonn (Greene) and Thomas (Jones) and some of those guys. They're began to feel what each other is thinking, and that helps. We had that in the running game. The running game didn't really chang from the start of the spring. The passing game was tweeked a little bit because of the new faces.

Q)Can you talk about the kind of plays you were calling for Dustin Keller late in the year?

Schottenheimer: The big thing is those two guys (Dustin Keller and Mark Sanchez) working together. A lot of times what you'll see is when everybody is up in the box, some of the things we've gotten him on have been those naked (bootlegs) and run-actions where everybody is loading up and trying to stop the run and he is able to sneak behind people. The best thing that he's done is, other than the long one that we threw to him against Cincinnati, it's been shorter passes that he's been creating plays with his legs, yards after the catch.

Q)He seems like one of the better tight ends around at running after the catch . . .

Schottenheimer: That's something we knew, coming out of Purdue, that he had the ability to do that. It's just been something that came on late in the year. . A lot of that comes with accuracy from Mark, when the quarterback throws the ball and it's accurate a guy has more chances to make positive plays with his legs. He's did the things that we knew he could do.

Q)Sanchez loves to throw on the run and you seemed ot design a lot of plays that emphasized that . . .

Schottenheimer: It's one of the first things that we noticed watching him on film at USC. They asked him to do a lot of things where they moved him at USC and it was one of the things that just immediately jumped off the film, "Wow, did you see that throw on the run." A lot of guys can throw on the run to the right. A lot of guys struggle going to the left. He's a guy that we saw whether he's going right, left, deep, intermediate, it didn't matter. He's just able to get his body square and make great throws on the move. It's not easy.

Q)So it was something he was good at when he arrived . . .

Schotteheimer: We don't spend a lot of time coaching it. It's one of those things that a guy either has or he doesn't. There are things from a fundamental standpoint we talk about, but he obviously has a great ability to do that. He controls his body. His feet play up underneath him, but that's nothing new. That's something that we saw coming out of school.

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