Ole Miss pass rusher Greg Hardy on Jets radar

Ole Miss OLB/DE Greg Hardy is an enigma. He was on the fact track to being a first round pick, but then had some injury issues his last two years. When healthy, he's one of the best pass rushers in the draft, and he's on the Jets radar. Here is a recent chat with the Memphis-native . . .

Q)How did you medical checks go at the combine?

Hardy: They were checking out my foot and my knee and pretty much my whole body. And I went to the hospital this morning. So everything is checking out right now, and I'm good.

Q)What injuries were they most concerned with?

Hardy: A broken foot and wrist.

Q)Do most teams view you as a 3-4 outside linebacker or a 4-3 end?

Hardy: Right now in interviews everybody is looking at me at linebacker in a 3-4. I play at 271.

Q)What will teams be getting in you? Hardy: An agile [player]. I'm versatile. I can play in a 4-3, 3-4, stand-up linebacker, hand on the ground pass rusher and run stopper--the total package hopefully. I'm going to be the best teammate, family, friends, all while staying on top of my hard work.

Q)How is your wrist doing? How did it feel lifting weights during the 225 test? Hardy: I just got done benching. I felt good. No problem with the wrist. So I'm great. It's not about (the wrist being) 100 percent. It's about just getting my strength back in my wrist. There's no pain. There's no problem. I just got to work it back up to my normal strength.

Q)How do you feel the East-West Shrine Game went for you?

Hardy: It was just fun. I feel like I'm on the level of the best and I played against the best. It was an experience. I got to get out there, run by those guys, and get some sacks. So I enjoyed it.

Q)Are you a little ticked off that people are underestimating you and not mentioning you in the upper echelon?

Hardy: It's football. It's never fair. You do what you gotta do. It's not last year. It's this year. So all I can do is move forward. I don't think I've fallen off. But I feel like I got something to prove. I feel like I'm a good player. I'm confident, and I'm ready to show people what I'm ready to do.

Q)You were a high school and college teammate of Michael Oher. You lived part of that movie . . .

Hardy: I was there for some of it. It was a good movie.

Q)What can you tell us about the suspension at Ole Miss?

Hardy: Yes, sir, my sophomore year. I had a small incident with my coaches and class and practice issues. It's all resolved and in the past. It was a learning experience if you want to call it that. It's in the past.

Q)What can you tell us about the foot injury from your junior year?

Hardy: It was a fifth metatarsal. There is a screw. I don't feel anything. I'm playing with no pain. So I guess the procedure is to leave it in and keep it strong. It was the right foot.

Q)What do you say to people who question your consistency?

Hardy: I wouldn't say it's a lack of consistency question. I get the question of "Why wasn't I playing more?" a lot. I mean, it's just one of those things with the injury…a lot of misfortune. But it's simply answered by opportunity and optimization.

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