Question Session - Brandon Graham

Because he doesn't have ideal size, it is possible that Michigan's sack machine Brandon Graham could slip to the Jets at 29. Or maybe, they could trade up to get him. The Jets are in dire need of a big-time pass rusher. Here is a recent chat with Graham . . .

Q)What is your exact size?

Graham: I'm 6-1, 268 pounds.

Q)Do you think scouts are concerned about your size?

Graham: I asked them what they wanted to see from me since I'm so small. They told me to be me and go out there and work hard. It's a bigger challenge for me to go out there and put up better numbers than everybody else. I have to stay on my game and continue to have the motor that I have.

Q)What players in the NFL do you watch who are similar to you?

Graham: I watch (Elvis) Dumervil now, he was the leading sacker last year. I look at myself as the next one. He's small, a lot of people didn't think he could do it. But I believe whoever gets me is going to love me.

Q)How much did you help yourself at the Senior Bowl?

Graham: I just wanted to let them know I'm going to give 100 percent to every play. No matter what size I am going to get to the ball and cause havoc.

Q)Are you a similar player to Pittsburgh's Lamar Woodley?

Graham: I get compared to him a lot. That was somebody who taught me a lot and showed me the ropes when I got up there (Michigan). I thank him because a lot of other guys wouldn't help you as much as he helped me. I give a lot to him. I feel good that they compare me to him because he's doing great in the league.

Q)You seem to really love the game . . .

Graham: I love the game, it relieves a lot of stress that I might have off the field. When I go out there I don't think about nothing except playing the game.

Q)You played a lot of end at Michigan. How comfortable are you standing up?

Graham: I'm very comfortable because growing up I've been playing linebacker since I was 7 and I got to Michigan and played defensive end. So I knew, I always wanted to stand up, that was my dream, coming out playing linebacker. They moved me to D-line I had to adjust. I think I'll fit in as soon as I get back (to linebacker).

Q)What is your weakness?

Graham: My weakness (is) opening my hips a little bit more. Sometimes I might get past a guy, the guy might put one hand on me be a split second late and the ball is gone. I feel like I need to work on my hips.

Q)What did David Harris teach you early on at Michigan?

Graham: I knew what it took because we had great leaders like LaMarr (Woodley) and David Harris (when I was a freshman). We had those guys who were really in my ear on defense, so I know how the defense was supposed to be.

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