Would the Jets consider Demaryius Thomas?

We all know that Mike Tannenbaum is a risk-taker and out-of-the-box thinker. So the thought of picking Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas at 29 might pique his interest. The 6-3, 229-pounder with 4.4 speed was likely going to be a Top 15 pick prior to hurting his foot training for the combine. Now he's probably going to slip to the late first or early second. Here is a chat with him . . .

Demaryius Thomas: I was training in Phoenix, Arizona. I was warming up for a drill. I popped my fifth metatarsal. It was the three-cone drill. I was going about 75 percent and I popped it on my last cone. I was going around and I had all my weight on my left foot and it just popped.

Q)How is the rehab going?

Thomas: I had surgery and had a screw (inserted). I should be strong by the sixth or seventh week and hopefully have a pro day.

Q)When is your pro day? Thomas: I don't know yet. Tech's was March 15th. I can go up until April 15th.

Q)How do you feel about missing so much of the process?

Thomas: Terrible. Really terrible. Once I did it, I felt real bad. I started crying because I wanted to participate. It just hurt my heart.

Q)There was word you were running in the high 4.3s.

Thomas: The last time I ran a 40 it was a 4.38 the week before the injury. That Friday, I was feeling good about everything.

Q)Do you think you can still get drafted in the first round?

Thomas: Maybe if I get back in time. I hope so. I think I (have to have a pro day). A lot of teams question my route-running ability and that I run a 4.6. That's what some people think.

Q)What are your thoughts on your route running?

Thomas: I ran a lot of routes in school, but we just didn't run them in the game. I can run routes.

Q)Before the injury, do you think you would have gone in the first round?

Thomas: I thought I had a great chance, actually. I'm not really getting bad feedback (from teams since the injury). A lot of people I've talked to say I'm OK. Just go do treatment and rehab and come back and do what you can and you should be fine.

Q)You seem to have a good attitude about all this . . .

Thomas: All I can do now is get healthy and hopefully have a pro day.

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