Sapp - "I love to pass rush, baby"

The Jets met with Clemson pass rusher Ricky Sapp at the combine and set up a private workout as well. It is quite possible they will give him serious consideration at 29. Here is a chat with the 6-4, 245-pounder where he talks about the condition of his knee, his comfort in the 3-4, and other matters . . .

Q)What is your specialty?

Sapp: Pass rush, baby - coming off the edge to get the quarterback.

Q)What do you need to improve upon?

Sapp: Holding up against the run better.

Q)Is the most interest coming from the 3-4 teams?

Sapp: Yes sir, mostly right now 3-4 teams.

Q)Do you prefer playing defensive end or outside linebacker?

Sapp: I can play in both. I think standing up is more of a challenge I can do both. Team's ask me what would I prefer? I can do both.

Q)The Patriots seem to be interested . . .

Sapp: I met with some of the (Patriots) scouts, I don't know any of the names.

One of the biggest things they were talking about was scheme wise and dropping [in pass coverage] and rushing off the edge.

Q)You must be getting a lot of questions about the knee injury . . .

Sapp: I hurt my knee in November against Virginia. I had ACL surgery in 2008, December 11. They ask questions like 'How far is the strength in my knee?' I played the whole year at about 60 percent strength.

My knee is fine. It's 100 percent. I did a lot of extra rehab before I came down here. I'm feeling real good.

Q)How do you feel about dropping into coverage?

Sapp: Comfortable. I love it. Whenever you are in practice [covering] C.J. Spiller, [everything else should be easy].

Q)What is your biggest strength?

Sapp: Rushing the passer, getting to the quarterback, making plays in the backfield. That's what I do all day. Speed. Quickness.

Q)Did you play any linebacker at Clemson?

Sapp: Our defensive coordinator brought the 3-4 package to Clemson this year. I did some standing up. I did some dropping. I think it would be an easy transition.

Q)How quickly do you think you can pick up an NFL defense?

Sapp: I'm a visual learner. I learn fast, so I'd have no problem [learning] a 3-4 scheme.

Q)The team doctors at the combine must have gone over you knee with fine tooth combs?

Sapp: It was crazy. At the same time, it was overwhelming.

You have 20-30 doctors pulling at your knee, poking at you, just making sure you're healthy and everything is right. I was laying down and I was like 'He just pulled my knee several times, and you are going to do it again too?'"

Q)What is the condition of your knee?

Sapp: Doing great. I heard the doctors talking about my knee and everything looks strong and stable. My main thing coming to the combine was my knee and how strong it was and how would it check out. Everyone said it looked good so I have a lot of confidence.

Q)Which knee was it and what did they use to repair it?

Sapp: Right knee. Patellar tendon.

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