Kyle Wilson has solid Pro Day

Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson had a terrific Pro Day today, and likely solidified himself as a first round pick. Wilson might be too good to pass up if he's sitting there at 29. Imagine a three cornerback combo of Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Wilson. That is good to have against the likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers. Here is a chat with Kyle . . .

Q)How did you feel about that giant RV that your brother is driving around with your picture on it.

Wilson: It's just my brother's RV. He drives it to all my games. He brings a lot of my family together and they travel to my games together. It's just a lot of family support that I have. I'm definitely grateful for it.

Q)How did a guy from Piscataway, New Jersey end up at Boise State?

Wilson: I just sent the tape. I really didn't get heavily recruited out of high school, so I sent a tape to the top 50 schools. With the feedback we got I ended up taking a trip and the next thing I knew we were out there.

Q)What other schools offered you a scholarship?

Wilson: I got offers from Boise State, Rutgers, Richmond and Deleware.

Q)You grew up minutes from Rutgers. How did they miss you?

Wilson: They came pretty late but I didn't feel I was a strong interest for them. I had a scholarship there. I just didn't feel like I was a strong interest.

Q)You really stood out at the Senior Bowl . . .

Wilson: I just went out there and did what I did all year. I'm just a confident guy. I was out there doing the things I've been doing my whole career and the whole season. It's just natural to me.

Q)Where is your brother based – where does he and his RV live?

Wilson: He lives in Sacramento. He's spent a lot of hours and a lot of days in that RV.

Q)Why were you so lightly recruited?

Wilson: Maybe they thought I was too small. I hear that a lot. Not exactly sure, that's a good question. I was 175 pounds (in high school).

Q)What do you think of some questioning the level of competition you faced in the WAC?

Wilson: I can definitely say the level of competition is equal. I've saw guys at the Senior Bowl that are no different than some guys on my team. I was very well prepared for the Senior Bowl. It wasn't a surprise to me.

Q)Who was the toughest guy you covered in college?

Wilson: One of the toughest guys I had to defend was Davone Bess from the University of Hawaii who's on the Dolphins. He was very good at Hawaii.

Q)Who were the toughest guys to cover down at the Senior Bowl?

Wilson:(Taylor) Price from Ohio and Mardy Gilliard (Cincinnati).

Q)Do you return skills enhance your stock?

Wilson: Definitely. I feel like I can return with the best of 'em. Didn't get too much of a chance this year -- they wouldn't kick me the ball. But every time I get the ball I think I can score.

Q)What are teams saying to you?

Wilson: They tell me the little things to work on. But mostly just (they talk about the) ability - I play well with my size. Just fight some negatives that people think I'm small or anything like that.

Q)What do you think your biggest strengths are?

Wilson: Just my playmaking ability. (I) make plays. I hit, I cover, I do it all.

Q)How do you compensate for you lack of size?

Wilson: I don't think I have lack of size. I just try to be extra physical, try to get my hands on receiver, continue to use my technique to my advantage. It's the little things I use.

Q)Not getting recruited out of high school, does that give you a chip on your shoulder?

Wilson: All I can do is control what I can control, and that's out there on the field. And doing things that I can physically handle out there. It's all fun to me. I just know if I continue to work hard and do my best, everything will work out.

Q)Growing up, who did you model your game after?

Wilson: Growing up, I used to watch Deion Sanders. He was the first shutdown corner and he had quarterbacks scared to throw at that side. So he's definitely an idol that I used to watch growing up.

Q)Tell us a little bit about your brother, the one who drives around the RV?

Wilson: He helped me out a lot. He graduated from Princeton and MIT, so he's smart. He still makes a lot of my videos. If it wasn't for that first tape he sent out, I probably wouldn't be here. But definitely grateful for it, and great to have a family member like that.

Q)You played in a conference with a lot of pass happy offenses. That had to help your cover skills?

Wilson: going to Boise State, to be a defensive back in a spread offense conference, I definitely think it helps out. I played numerous types of offense. I think I'm very well prepared for just about anything I'll be facing.

Q)How is your tackling?

Wilson: I can tackle with the best of them. I know about playing 1-on-1 out there on the perimeter and being out on that island, so I can hold my own.

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