Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

The Jets could use a pass rusher at 29, and TCU defensive end/outside linebacker Jerry Hughes fits in around that part of the draft. The 6-1. 255-pounder with a great motor is probably on the Jets radar. Here is a chat with the cat . . .

Q)What game stood out the most from your college career?

Hughes: The BCS Bowl. We finally got to get out there to play - big game, big stage. It was a lot of fun. Even though we didn't get a chance to come up with the win, it was still a lot of fun being on that stage.

Q)What are you hearing from scouts about your position on the next level?

Hughes: I'm hearing different things from defensive end to outside linebacker. Wherever they ask me to play, I'll be more than happy to play and give it 110 percent.

Q)How much did you drop into coverage at TCU?

Hughes: I dropped into coverage a lot, just depending on the different schemes that the coach had given us.

Q)How would you describe yourself as a player?

Hughes: I'm a fast player, somebody who has speed. I'm going to use that to my advantage to get to the ball a lot of times.

Q)Who taught you the most on the college level?

Hughes: I had a great position by the name of Dick Bumpas. He did a great job of teaching me the fundamentals. When you have somebody who is able to walk you through it and help you make that transition, it makes things a lot better.

Q)How did playing running back in high school help you at defensive end/outside linebacker?

Hughes: Being a running back you always focus on your speed so I felt like bringing that over to the defensive side of the ball really helped me, just being more explosive than other people, being faster.

Q)Why did you skip the Senior Bowl?

Hughes: I suffered a quad injury in the bowl game. I took a helmet to the quad in the first quarter of the game. I took shots and pills at halftime. The doctor told me to stick to the rehabbing and getting better and it'll be 3-4 weeks at the most. It just so happened that the Senior Bowl fell in that [time period]. It was a late push by me to push myself up because I like to compete. I felt like it wasn't in my best interest to go out there at 85 percent and not be able to do some of the things I'm capable of doing.

Q)How much did you weigh when you got to college?

Hughes: 200 pounds.

Q)So you gained 55 pounds. Do you feel like because you are still developing your weight and developing defensive skills because you switched sides of the ball, that you're still in the process of developing?

Hughes: Absolutely. I've only been on the defensive side of the ball for four years so my knowledge of that side of the ball is still very minimal. So I have to extend myself so I can learn more. I still have to learn things as far as defensive end, certain techniques, certain ways to do things. And now I also have to adapt and learn the outside linebacker position, which is what I think I'm capable of doing.

Q)Who do you admire in the NFL as a pass rusher?

Hughes: Dwight Freeney. He's somebody who whenever I get a chance to turn on the TV, I always see myself kind of mimicking him. He goes out there, he plays full speed, 100 percent all the time. I try to pattern myself after him.

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