The strong locker room factor is overrated

With the addition of Santonio Holmes being the latest example, the Jets have clearly done a 180 degree turn from their "core values" Tangini days. And that is their perogative.

I think the trade for Holmes is a brilliant move. Clearly he has a major issue with marijuana that needs to be dealt with, but considering what the Jets gave up (a fifth round pick) for this rare talent, why not go for it?

And considering what an injury-prone position wide receiver can be, when Holmes comes off the suspended list in Week Five, they might really need him. How incredible will the move look at that point if somebody is hurt.

And the suspension is a blessing in disguise in a couple of ways. First of all, it gives the Jets plenty of time, with an extra month added, to get him the help he needs, to ween himself off pot. People debate whether the substance is addictive. Potheads I know say it's not. But if it's not, why do they smoke it every day?

Clearly it is addictive to some people. Holmes needs help.

Also, the extra four weeks gives Holmes extra time to get comfortable with the Jets system and his new quarterback. When he takes the field in Week Five, he should have the playbook down and have a good feel for Mark Sanchez. That additional four weeks to get ready will give him another month to get his timing down with Sanchez. Remember, Sanchez won't be able to work with his wide receivers on the field until probably training camp, so that is going to hurt his growth curve with Holmes. They will get no spring work together.

Also, cutting down Holmes season from 16 to 12 games might be good for a receiver who is on the skinny side. He has a frame that makes him injury-prone.

Holmes has issues. There is no doubt about it. But if I grew up in the Belle Glade ghetto, I would probably have issues as well. It's been noted that he sold drugs as a kid. Belle Glade is a very rough area, on the wrong side of the tracks as they say.

He's clearly never overcome the dysfunction of his childhood. He was arrested twice in 2006, once for disorderly conduct and a month later for domestic violence. In 2008, he was arrested for possession of pot. In 2010, he had a nightclub incident in Orlando, and also had a tweet with a cannibas reference ("wake and bake").

He needs a lot of help, including drug and psychological attention. The Jets have some pretty good resources to assist him.

But to say a strong locker room is going to help him with this is naive.

I remember when the Jets brought in Josh Evans and Quincy Carter, and how a Father Flanagan figure, Herman Edwards, could handle them. They both had issues with pot. Edwards isn't a drug counselor. Both guys had relapses.

The strong locker room factor is overrated. The Steelers have a strong locker room also.

This guy needs professional help, and a lot of it. Darrelle Revis and Damien Woody can't help him with his drug problem.

So let's stop with this strong locker room nonsense.

But this talented receiver and punt returner is worth the gamble.

The Jets have clearly changed their mindset about the type of players they are looking to add.

I don't want to hear about character anymore.

It's not where they are coming from.

And that is their right. They are a private business. Who are we to tell them what to do.

They can run their business anyway they want.

And if they can get Holmes the attention he needs over the next six months, this could turn out to be an incredible trade.

This guy is a rare talent.

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