Dan's analysis of the pick of Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson wasn't good enough to play at New Jersey's Division I college program, but boy did he show them . . .

Now he's a first round pick of an NFL team in the same state.

Wilson played his high school football minutes from the Rutgers' campus, in Piscataway, but Rutgers didn't show much interest. In fact, not many Division I teams were interested. Finally Boise State offered him a scholarship.

This was after Kyle and his older brother sent out 50 tapes to the top 50 programs to generate interest.

Rutgers saw the light late in the recruiting process, but Wilson said, "thanks, but no thanks." It was too late. He was already sold on Boise State, and was a little ticked off at Rutgers at that point.

And that fact that he was so lightly recruited out of high school, and had to send out a bunch of tapes, put a major chip on his shoulder. It drives him.

He plays with an edge, an edge of somebody who has something to prove.

He has a nice combination of speed (4.4) and strength (225, 25 times). He's also very smart. That runs in the family. His brother went to Princeton undergrad, where he played cornerback, and then MIT for grad school.

Wilson can come in, and instantly gives the Jets a terrific nickel cornerback, returner and kick/punt cover guy.

Having three corners like Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson, will allow Rex to dial up some pretty exotic blitzes early and often.

Clearly Wilson's level of competition wasn't great, so he didn't play against a lot of NFL receiving prospects. We will see how he does against NFL receivers.

But on paper this pick makes perfect sense.

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