Monday Jets Notebook

Letting John Hall sign with the Redskins shouldn't come as a surprise. The Redskins gave Hall a deal between $7.1 and $7.5 million for five years. That is more than the Jets wanted to spend for a kicker they deem replacable...

 After all, he has a 73 percent career field goal percentage. Also he isn't the kickoff artist he used to be. Seattle's Rian Lindell will be in this week for a visit. Other possible replacements include Chicago's Paul Ettinger and Cincinnati's Neil Rackers . . .

While the Jets will need to replace their placekicker, they won't need to replace their top special team's tackler as they were able to re-sign Jerald Sowell over the weekend. He got a new seven-year deal. Mike Westhoff would have been livid if the Jets let Sowell walk. With Sowell re-signing, the Jets will let Richie Anderson walk. Sowell will get an increased role in the offense, and will help fill the role of third down back. Another guy who could help fill this role is Chad Morton. But there are rumors the Redskins might make a run at him. The Jets cannot afford to lose Morton. Whatever offer he receives they have to match it. He is a tremendous kick returner and consistently gave the Jets great field position last year. The Jets would be making a huge mistake if they let Morton walk.

As for the blocking fullback role that Anderson filled, Sowell can help fill that void part of the time. He's turned into an excellent blocker. However, the Jets need to sign another fullback as well because they don't want to wear Sowell out. They need him to still lead their special teams.

Philadelphia fullback Cecil Martin will visit this week.

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