Some gone and a new home

G Randy Thomas has officially signed a 7 year contract with the Washington Redskins. This deal makes him one of the highest paid guards in NFL History. The Washington Redskins have also signed K John Hall. So now that the Redskins have plucked some of our former Jets, they might very well take KR Chad Morton away from us but who really knows? I know that it seems weird that not even a week into the NFL's Free Agency Period, the Jets have lost several players already.

Even FB Richie Anderson might be on the way out as both the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots are interested in him. There's nothing to worry about though, the Jets Front Office are just waiting patiently for when the time is right, to start signing some Free Agents.


So far, the only people they've resigned are LB Sam Cowart (5-year deal) and FB Jerald Sowell (just recently re-signed) back to their team. They have officially put WR Laveranues Coles as well as KR Chad Morton as tendered restricted free agents. The follow players have been tendered exclusive rights offers: WR Jonathan Carter, LB Khary Campbell, WR Kevin Swayne, LB Kelvin Moses, C Dennis O'Sullivan, and DT James Reed. This just pretty much means any player may leave but the team that wants them would have to offer a tender contract with draft picks/players/whatever. I don't see Coles leaving, I know how grateful he is and always will be to the Jets for drafting him when no other team even wanted to risk taking a chance with him. A deal hasn't been made yet for Coles but I expect one to be made any moment now. I feel the same with Morton but I'm not sure exactly what his situation is, I just hope it's only a matter of time before he too gets signed to a long-term contract with the Jets.


GM Terry Bradway said that he won't be actively signing people at the start of the FA Period, like what the Redskins are doing as you're reading this. There's nothing wrong with that, but being patient is a virtue that will eventually bring you what you want and then some. Bradway is a smart man, and I think what they're doing is good. Okay, so we lost Thomas, Hall, and probably Anderson, but he'll find players who are as good if not better. We might even be getting upgrades, depending on who the Jets decide to take a run at. I heard the Jets want to bring in G Mo Collins (Oakland Raiders) to replace Thomas, K Paul Edinger (Chicago Bears) to replace Hall, and they already re-signed Sowell who might very well be the Jets starting FB!


Plus don't forget we have the NFL Draft too, which will be here sooner than you think. So whatever needs we need to address might not even be done through FA, but through the Draft. Last I heard, the Jets are interested in either a LB or DT, but if it were me, I'd draft in a LB. Don't get me wrong, I think LB Mo Lewis & LB Marvin Jones are good LB's, but we need someone stronger, younger, and more of a force. I say draft in the best LB available when our pick comes and just do a platoon with the new guy, Lewis, and Jones and slowly break him into the world of the NFL.


The dream has turned into reality. The NY Jets recently unveiled their brand new plan for a $1.2 billion Stadium to be built on Manhattan's West Side! It will have a retractable dome and will be able to fit over 85,000 fans. It is also an important part in New York City's bid to have the 2012 Olympics happen right here in the big apple. NY Jets President Jay Cross also said that it would host four major rock concerts per year, along with 10 football games and more than 150 other events. It will also allow NYC to compete as a host for the NCAA Final Four. There won't be any parking facilities, which unfortunately means no tailgating for Fans who attend. Cross estimated that about 70% of fans would have to take mass transit to the future, Jets Stadium. I for one, wouldn't mind taking a train or bus there because I've been waiting for the Jets to have their own Home for years now. I know it'll be weird not being able to tailgate since a huge core of NYJ Fans love doing that, but I'm sure sacrificing it to have our own stadium to call our home will be one sacrifice that is very worth it.

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