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Don't worry Jets fans. The chances of kick returner Chad Morton playing elsewhere are remote. The Redskins are interested in signing him, but they have run into a snag.

 They would have to send a fifth round pick to the Jets, but they don't have their original fifth round selection. They did acquire one recently, but in restricted free agency, you need to send your original pick, and if you don't have it, you need to get a better one. You can't send a lesser pick in that round than your orginal one.
But whatever the technicalities are involved with the draft picks, that could be a moot point anyway. The Jets don't want Morton going anywhere, and would likely match any offer sheet. They are negotiating with Morton's agent Leigh Steinberg on a long-term deal. It seems like the issue holding up the deal isn't necessarily money. Morton wants a chance to play more on offense. He wants to do more than just return kicks. Morton wants, at the very least, to have a chance to play on third down. With Richie Anderson gone, Morton should have the opportunity if he re-signs. Morton could be an outstanding third down receiving back with his tremendous open field ability. Remember he once had 13 catches in one game while with New Orleans. Morton and Jets offensive coordinator Paul Hackett talked this week about getting the feisty kick returner more involved on offense.
Expect Morton to be back in the fold with the Jets in the next couple of days.

The Lions signing of linebacker Rosie Colvin should help the Jets get James Darling back. Darling is set to meet with the Lions this week, but now that they've signed a free agent linebacker, they won't be as gung-ho to spend a lot of money on another one. Darling wants to come back to the Jets, but wants more money and playing time. The one team that could provide him both is Arizona. They have openings in their starting lineup and they have the most cap space in the league. Darling is going to have a tough decision. Does he sign with Arizona for more money and "PT", but risk never winning? Or does he come back to the Jets for a little less money and a backup role (including his role as the Jets nickel linebacker). He loves playing for the Jets, and there is a good chance he will be back.

The Jets desperately need to add a backup safety. They are very thin at the positions after releasing Damien Robinson and not re-signing Nick Ferguson. Jamie Henderson is the only backup and he had no experience at the positions.
The top free agent safety available is Tampa Bay's Dexter Jackson, but he wants too much money, plus the Jets are looking for a backup. Jackson is a starter. The top safeties available who could serve a backup role are Denver's Izell Jenkins, Cleveland's Earl Little, New England's Victor Green and Detriot's Bracey Walker. Another possibility for the Jets is Minnesota's Tyrone Carter.

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