The Scoop on Jenkins & Taylor With The Fans

During Wednesday's open practice at the new Meadowlands stadium, Kris Jenkins and Jason Taylor got cameras rolling and flashing when they wandered over to the fans near the corner of one sideline. What exactly happened?

East Rutherford, NJ – One of the more intriguing moments from the close of mini-camp on Wednesday came about halfway into the session. As the linebackers and defensive line drilled near the sidelines, some of the fans began to interact with defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. A smattering of several hundred fans among the more than 12,000 spectators in attendance, according to the Jets, got the good-natured Jenkins involved in some friendly banter.

And in the process, the fans also ended up reeling in a big fish too.

Several of the fans began to yell at Jenkins, who is involved in a weight loss competition with head coach Rex Ryan and lineman Damien Woody. Jenkins, who told two weeks ago that he was over 400 pounds earlier in the year, is looking noticeably more nimble. While he hasn't updated his weight loss, Jenkins last said in May that he was down around 20 pounds, halfway towards his goal. The fans in the corner near the sidelines began to yell at Jenkins "How much did you lose? Did you lose the weight?"

Jenkins, who has been coy the past two weeks about updating the loss of body fat, was equally non-committal in responding to the friendly banter. He walked over to the fans and right up to the wall and talked with the fans who cheered the whole time.

"I'm winning" is also Jenkins shouted with a smile to the fans.

The fans then went on to ask the defensive tackle if he was "on Atkins or South Beach?" Jenkins just laughed. He walked away to an ovation. He would return shortly.

A few minutes later, the fans began to chant for ex-Miami Dolphins' linebacker Jason Taylor. The recently signed Jet acknowledged to the media that not everything he heard during Wednesday's open practice from the fans was positive but Taylor waved and smiled to the fans. Then Jenkins dragged Taylor over, a player who was often despised by fans of the green and white.

Taylor stopped to shake hands, pound fists and sign everything thrust at him for several minutes during practice.

"I took my security guard with me," Taylor said about the escort by Jenkins, which in many ways looked like he was being dragged by the defensive tackle. "I was alright."

Taylor left to a loud cheer from the fans in the corner of the stadium, perhaps louder than the one Jenkins had received. A number of fans throughout the stadium also cheered him as he ran back to drills, acknowledging his effort.

"It's great to be received like that," Taylor said.

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