In Focus II: Vladimir Ducasse

The second installment of the analysis by's Daniel Mogollon, one of the most respected draft experts in the nation.

Last week, had the chance to sit down with Daniel Mogollon of CollegeFootballInsiders and The NFL Draft Bible to talk about Jets' first round pick Kyle Wilson. Mogollon had great things to say about Wilson and his ability to make an immediate impact in what is shaping up to be a great Jets' secondary.

On Friday, Mogollon shared his analysis and critique on the Jets' second round pick. This is part two of that interview and it is only for members of .

Mogollon had good thoughts on second round pick Vlad Ducasse out of UMass. The NFL Draft is always in focus at so make sure to check out Mogollon and the hardest working staff in the business. Part one of a look at Ducasse through the analytical eyes of Mogollon. If Ducasse came from a BCS program and not UMass, do you think he could have been a top 50 pick or even a first round kind of player? DM: Most likely, but that could go either way. More exposure at a bigger program not only highlights your positive attributes but what you do poorly as well. Would he have been as dominant playing say in the Big Ten or SEC as he was at UMass? Ducasse was up and down during Senior Bowl week where he solidified himself as no worse than a late second round/early third round choice, but didn't elevate himself to first round status which some had predicted.

Had he played at BCS program he probably would be further along in his development and there would have less doubt surrounding his game so to say he could have been a top-50 pick isn't a stretch, but I don't believe he could have jumped into the first round. At the same time, maybe he wasn't ready coming out of high school to compete at that level, which could have just as easily stunted his growth.

Remember, the one guard who did go in round one, Mike Iupati, didn't play at a BCS school. He went to Idaho and while the Vandals are a Football Bowl Subdivision program they don't provide much exposure. I don't believe that many first-round talents slip that much anymore because of where they play their college ball. While his size, speed and his agility can't be taught, what parts of his game must Ducasse improve in to be ready for September? DM: More than anything he needs reps.

The more practice snaps he gets—whether it be OTAs, rookie camp, training camp or preseason games—the better for Ducasse. He needs to prove himself against NFL caliber players. He's big and has the potential to be mauler in the running game but we didn't always see that nasty streak that coaches love while he was at UMass. He's blessed with the base to anchor but can he do it against pro-level nose tackles?

Ducasse struggled at times against speed edge rushers at the Senior Bowl and while defensive tackles typical aren't as quick as say a Brandon Graham they are quicker than the foes he faced while at UMass. Hiss overall technique will need to be sharper whether we're talking about footwork or hand placement. I'm sure that's what Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan is working on most.

The good news is that Ducasse has a reputation as a hard worker and being very coachable. The more we see him play the more we'll learn what parts of his game are NFL ready and what he needs to work on.

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