Jets High On Lowery

With a position change in the works, the Jets hope that Dwight Lowery can use his speed better to make plays in the nickel package.

Florham Park, NJ – The lowdown on Dwight Lowery from mini-camp is simple – the guy is making plays all over the field.

Lost amid the Darrelle Revis contract talk and the new additions to the secondary such as former San Diego cornerback Antonio Cromartie and first round pick Kyle Wilson, Dwight Lowery enjoyed a solid mini-camp for the Jets. Making plays, getting in the thick of things and reading plays well, Lowery looks to be quietly emerging as a player to watch for this fall. And it all began with a position switch.

Lowery hot his start in the league as a cornerback but no more, says the player.

"The coaching staff feels like I can have more of an impact as a safety," Lowery told "They feel I can get on the field more and make plays from there."

Judging from mini-camp, Lowery might become a part of the nickel safety package, where his speed would be an asset to the secondary. Lowery is a good cover player and putting him at safety is an intriguing idea on passing downs. He said that he is comfortable playing further back, off the line. In college at San Jose State, he had to fill-in as a safety for a handful games. The transition has been smooth, so far, he says.

"The most success I'm going to have is to be in the center of the field," Lowery said. "The coaching staff thinks that is where I can use my instincts the best."

One thing Lowery has an instinct for is being a good quote, as the player has that swagger of someone who backs up exactly what he says on the field. It's a personality trait that lets him fit in well with head coach Rex Ryan, who is also known for his comments and personality.

"When you're confident, there's that cockiness you get from knowing you can go out there and perform," Lowery said about the defense's swagger. "But it's a fine line between being cocky and over-confident."

Lowery says the team feeds off the confidence of each other and Rex Ryan. He really likes what he sees in the defense and says that the unit enjoys working together and putting in the extra time lifting and studying tape. The defense, he said, can carry this team far.

"We know we got the goons on the team to get this thing done," Lowery said.

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