Ferguson "Has His Seat"

The Jets are expected to sign D'Brickashaw Ferguson to a six year contract extension that, according to his agent, guarantees him more money than any other offensive lineman in the league.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson will be a member of the New York Jets for quite a long time to come. Yesterday, GreenAndWhiteReport.com confirmed with agent Brad Blank that the left tackle will sign a contract extension for $60 million dollars, adding another six years to his contract - the new deal and figures is in addition to the two years left on his rookie contract. According to Blank, this deal will give D'Brickashaw Ferguson the record for highest guaranteed money of any offensive lineman in league history with $34.8 million guaranteed, surpassing the previous record of $30 million that was held by Miami Dolphins' offensive lineman Jake Long.

Blank tells GreenAndWhiteReport.com that this deal was not an emotional experience for Ferguson who is said to regard the league more as a "merry-go-round than a roller coaster."

"He's a pretty patient, calm guy. If this deal didn't work I don't think he would have lost sleep over it," Blank said. During training camp, Ferguson was non-committal to GreenAndWhiteReport about contract negotiations and the pending new deal.

Ferguson a former first-round and the fourth pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, was according to his agent, rewarded for being a "good soldier" in large part due to his previous history with the New York Jets and his unblemished personal reputation. Blanks tell us that the organization was very motivated to work with Ferguson to make this deal happen quickly. Unlike the much ballyhooed contract talks with Nick Mangold and Darrelle Revis, Blank said that the lack of media attention helped speed along the process and added to the ease in which this deal was reached.

All told, the entire process took player, agent and the team about a month.

The Jets made it clear to Blank and Ferguson that while they have other players awaiting a contract increase, Ferguson was a priority.

"He was in their first tier of dealing, although I do think there is a little bit of musical chairs going on right now in the league and when the music stops it is always good to have a chair. Brick already has his seat," Blank said. "And as far as the salary cap, we're not really sure on that yet. He (Brick) wants everybody to be happy but in this deal he was more focused on what was best for him and his needs."

Ferguson has, in the words of his agent, remained a "model citizen" throughout his professional football career, a trait that is becoming more and more rare. When asked if the left tackle intends to retire in green, Blank stated that the entirety of the deal through 2017 will be "putting it close."

"There was a quote from the Bible, and I believe Martin Luther King used it and it applies here – ‘Brick' has ‘seen the mountain top, the promised land' and it is about getting there [again] with this team," Blank said.

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