Interview with Orande Gadsden's agent Michael Todd

With the likely departure of Lavaranues Coles, former Dolphin Orande Gadsden would be a perfect fit for the Jets. He would give them the tall receiver (6-2) they need. We caught up with Michael Todd, Gadsen's agent and here is that conversation.

Q)Do you think Orande would be a good fit for the Jets?

Todd: Orande and I think he would be from the standpoint that the receivers they have now are the small and quick type receivers and Orande is a big possession type receiver. We think it would be a real good mix. Plus he gets to stay in the division. He is real excited. I had some discussions with [the Jets] on the first day or two of free agency. They outlined certain factors for them giving him consideration, and some of those factors seem to be coming into play right now. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will hear from them.

Q)What does Orande think of Jets situation?

Todd: The one thing Orande has spoke positively about is Herman Edwards. That whole press conference earlier in the year ("You play to win the game"). He liked that, especially because the team responded to it. It had an impact on him. He talked about it two or three different times. It is somebody he would like to play for.

Q)Where do things stand with the Dolphins right now?

Todd: They have indicated they still have an interest in us. They tell you they want you, but then they don't offer you a contract like they want you. I don't know exactly where we stand right now.

Q)Where do things stand with Orande and the free agent market right now?

Todd: We had a couple of teams call us today, and we are lining up some visits. We are going to make contact with the Jets again. I'm just waiting to see if the (Coles] offer goes through.
I will touch base and see what type of interest they have.

Q)What is their interest level?

Todd: Based on my previous discussion, if Coles wasn't there, I would think they would have some interest.

Q)How is the wrist he injured last season?

Todd: He has been cleared to catch balls and his range of motion is virtually the same as it was before. He has been cleared for football participation in the upcoming minicamps.

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