Michael Douglas on the Jets

Lifelong Jets' fan Michael Douglas catches the team whenever he is in New York and shared his thoughts on the team, Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.

Michael Douglas is a life-long Jets' fan who attends a game whenever he can – in fact, he caught the win over New England this past September while in New York shooting Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, an Oliver Stone joint that came out this past spring. GreenAndWhiteReport.com has the chance to speak to Douglas spoke about his love for "Gang Green." Turns out, the guy just love his football and his Jets.

On when he became a Jets' fan: "I'm a lifelong fan. Having grown up in New York, it has been this team for me. I remember the old games at Shea Stadium and how great those used to be. Then came along Namath and I really became a fan. I wanted to wear those white cleats of his. Who didn't?"

Douglas said that he never did wear those white cleats.

His thoughts on the hiring of Rex Ryan: "What he's brought is an attitude change over last year. You can tell he's having fun, you can tell the players are having fun. What a wonderful coach I think he will be. I can‘t say enough about him."

Mark Sanchez as the future of the team. Douglas said that he was thinking about Sanchez last September when the Washington Huskies upset USC, the alma mater of Sanchez. Had he not left for the NFL, Sanchez would have been a senior that day in September when the Huskies toppled the Trojans: "I'm sure that Pete Carroll was thinking about him too. He's extraordinary and doesn't play like a rookie. It was a great move by management and the coach to bring him in. We've only seen the tip of what he brings to the team. It's going to be good."

Douglas has long been a Hollywood heartthrob and is married to the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones. But Douglas wasn't sure how he would stack up on a night on the town with Sanchez. On who would get more female attention, Sanchez or him: "Depends what type of bar it is. If it's an old age club, probably me. Anywhere else, well, I –uh," Douglas put his hands in his suit pockets and looks at his feet, then looks up. "He's going to be a great quarterback, isn't he?"

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