10 Predictions for 2010

A countdown of 10 season predictions for the Jets, starting with #10...

Jets training camp – it is almost here. With the season just around the corner, it is time to take a look at 10 predictions for the Jets as Rex Ryan's bunch looks to continue a progression from last season that saw them just one half away from the Super Bowl.

This will be a regular feature throughout pre-season. Now, a look at 10 predictions for fans of the GreenAndWhiteReport to discuss, starting with #10:

10. Losing Streaks – Twice last season, the Jets had three game losing streaks. Making matters worse, both times came in the middle of the season. In fact, the Jets had just one win in a stretch of seven games from an early October loss in New Orleans until a sloppy home win over Carolina in late November. The math there is simple – one win in just under two months. The Jets' toughest stretch comes early on this year, with three games against Baltimore, New England and then Miami on the road to start the season. The rest of the games are fairly evenly placed and include a promising mix of tough home games and some winnable games on the road.

Going back to the mid-season losing streak of last year, keep in mind that four of the losses came by five points or less. The two other losses came on the road to eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans and New England, a place that has never been hospitable to the Jets in recent history. If the ball bounces right in two of those four games and the team limits their individual mistakes, a 9-7 record quickly becomes an 11-5 mark and the regular season has a much different feel and vibe.

The question then becomes, have the Jets improved enough to overcome the five point margin in those four games? This team should be more consistent and despite the flurry of off-season additions, it is still the same core of players that went to the AFC Championship Game this past January. They merely re-loaded.

"I think a lot of credit needs to be given to this organization for bringing back so many guys," fullback Tony Richardson told GreenAndWhiteReport.com during OTA sessions. "We have our guys in place from last year. That's a credit to ownership, management, for keeping this in place."

The Jets will have a losing streak this year but this is a wiser and more mature team in ‘10, even with all the new additions. 16 games is a long season, but the talent and fortitude is there to make sure that the team doesn't go on the same slides as did last year.

And another interesting point to consider: outside the ugly months of October and November last year, the Jets only lost one other time. So while the team was wildly inconsistent during that two month stretch – yes it is a long time – they were also wildly consistent in winning for much of the season.

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