Money isn't everything

The Washington Redskins have signed WR Laveranues Coles to an offer sheet. The NY Jets now have about 7 days to decide to match it or not. The deal is for 7 years for $5 million a year, which includes a $13 million signing bonus, overall, about $35 MILLION dollars altogether. Do you have any idea just how much money that is?

I know, it's probably more than some people who work their entire lives and don't even earn a fraction of that make, but it's ridiculous. After all of this transpired, Coles had the audacity to say that the Jets didn't give him "respect", I mean, they only offered him several MILLIONS of dollars. Let me just say, money isn't everything.


Laveranues Coles is no doubt, a good WR, a very good WR. He might even be in the elite class of WR's one of these days but let me say, he really has some nerve to pull what he's pulling. First off, New York is the media capital of the world. Athletes would kill to get all the mainstream publicity that they can get in this city. It's filled with some of the best newspapers and columnists in the country, possibly in the world. The Fans are diehard, whether you're a Jets, Giants, Knicks, Mets, Yankees, Rangers, or Islanders fan, you're a loyal one. You respect your team and stick with them whenever the going gets tough. Coles has always had a thing about not talking to the media for whatever reason. Why wouldn't an athlete want to get a ton of good press, plus even more loyal fans to the team and him? The media don't interview players for their looks, they do it for the fans since without us, there wouldn't be any teams. Money is a huge factor these days; I know you need money to survive and to enjoy all your favorite sports. Coles was given a pretty decent contract from the Jets, and he publicly said he was insulted that the Jets didn't break the bank on him. That they had all the money to sign him to a big deal but didn't. That is SELFISH in my book. This team is called the NEW YORK JETS, not Laveranues Cole's Jets or any of that, you can't spend all your money on a single player, it's a common fact. You need to address other issues to benefit the team, not just the wallet of a single player.


First of all, I applaud the Jets for not giving into ANY player who doesn't want to accept a fairly decent contract. Whether the name is Johnson or Coles, they've never let a player get the best of them. People, the Jets weren't paying him thousands of dollars but MILLIONS of dollars. He was a part of a good team, with good players, motivational coaches, and playing for some of the best fans the world of sports can provide. So you mean to tell me just because he gets offered a ludicrous contract for over $35 MILLION dollars he's just going to throw it all away? As a diehard Jets Fan, Coles shouldn't be insulted; me and my countless brothers and sisters who call themselves fans of the NY Jets should be insulted.


Laveranues, you might be a really good WR, but for you to ditch all of us for the mighty dollar is ridiculous. This team took a chance on you when you were going through problems, when no other team would even LOOK at your name, but the Jets felt you could be big. That you'd emerge as a primetime WR and you would flourish with us. I'm sick and tired of players like you who don't even live in reality. You play for the National Football League, one of the best sports leagues most people can only DREAM about being a part of, let alone play for. You're being offered a contract in the range of millions of dollars, if you only knew what it was like working a 9-5 job and actually working each and every day to make a living. Yet you'd be considered a very, very wealthy man had you stayed true to the team that took you in when no one else would.


I would hope that most players don't see money as the only thing they're playing for, there have to be other things that make you stay loyal to a team. The friends for life you've made through the team, playing under a very emotional and motivational Head Coach, having legions of loyal fans, and most of all, being happy. You want to leave for Washington because of the money? Fine. Go. Let me just tell you, when things suddenly aren't all peachy keen, you'll wish you never burned your Gang Green bridge because if you truly turn your back on the team that gave you a chance to make it where you are today, don't ever say you were insulted. People would play for free if they had half the talent you had, just to say they were a role model in the eyes of those who inspire to do their best in life because of your level of play. I did look up to you, you proved that size doesn't matter and if you have the talent, you could make it. Now you've made me feel you were only in it for the money.


Before people who read this ask me, NO, if I were in his shoes, I wouldn't leave the Jets, even if the Redskins offered me BILLIONS of dollars. You can call me crazy, but I would think if you play football, you're a fan of football. No matter where you were born, how you were raised, or what your team allegiance is, you love to play the game. You'd play the game for free if you could because it meant you did something you enjoyed to do. When you do something you enjoy, you wish the moment would never end. It's amazing how the very talented players who make it in the NFL, literally get paid to play the game of professional football to earn a living. It's a dream come true for those who simply love to play.


You know what kind of a person is a team player? A guy like Johnny Unitas, did you ever see him counting the dollars in his contract? A hero like Joe Montana, he didn't care how much he got paid, he just wanted to play football, whether in San Francisco or in Kansas City, his heart was with professional football. A legend like John Elway, whose only goal was to win the SuperBowl, in team fashion, not to see how many houses he could buy or BMW's he could own. I swear, some NFL players (Like Laveranues Coles) should really stop and smell the roses. Because in the snap of a finger, you could go from being an elite WR, to a forgotten memory. In my eyes, you're the latter, Laveranues. Go have fun in Washington because when all is said and done, you'll wish you never left the green and white for the green, green, green.

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