McKnight Looking Fit

Twice since being drafted, Joe McKnight made headlines for the wrong reasons concerning his fitness. How did the Jets' running back look during Monday's first session of camp?

Cortland, NY – Don't compare Joe McKnight to Albert Haynesworth. After today's first session of training camp, the rookie running back made it clear he didn't fail his fitness test because he was out of shape.

"It was just a bad day," said McKnight of the day he failed the test. "I kind of burnt myself out over break, just went too hard over break and didn't give myself enough time to rest. I did that all so I could come into camp and be in shape. It was just a bad day, but I finished the test on Sunday morning."

McKnight made headlines for the wrong reasons when he was gassed during mini-camp and unable to complete several sessions in his post-draft workouts. In order to get back into shape, he went back to school, sort of. McKnight worked out with his old high school team in Louisiana and his former college team, going to Los Angeles to run with his old teammates at USC.

"It was doing a lot of leg, upper body workouts. I ran the Coliseum a couple times in California. And just stuff like that, regular workouts."

McKnight said he was upset that he failed the test but now feels pretty good physically.

He termed himself as feeling "pretty good physically."

Despite being behind Shonn Greene and Ladainian Tomlinson, McKnight had a solid Monday practice morning as he rumbled off a couple ten yard gains in both 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills and also decoyed the defenders on a play that led to a fifteen yard pass. But, he also dropped a kickoff return in an embarrassing moment towards the end of Monday's morning session.

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