Rex Has Camp Talk

Rex Ryan is never one to pull any punches. Here are some of the best lines from his Monday morning press conference.

Cortland, NY – Rex Ryan addressed the media this afternoon and touched on a wide variety of topics. Here's a quick recap and highlight for subscription members of, straight from the coach's mouth.

Rex on the learning curve from year one: "Realistically you can't buy experience. I knew I had all the answers when I came out of college to be a coach. And I couldn't believe how dumb everybody was when that they never saw it. I was flying everywhere, ended up getting them to give me a chance at Eastern Kentucky and then I started realizing, ‘You know what? There's a lot to it that you don't have all the answers too.' I may know defense, but it's all of those things. It's my first experience ever being a head coach and just the way I managed the game, I thought I got better as the year went on...I'm clearly not as good as maybe I will be ten years from now, but I'm learning. I think I have great mentors with me as well - Bill Callahan, Bob Sutton, and Mike Westhoff."

Rex on Laveranues Coles: "He could get cut or he could make the pro bowl."

Rex on the team being underdogs last year and their role this year: "I've attributed it to playing the underdog role. I don't think I've ever played that. My thing was I went into every game last year expecting to win. And that's true. Maybe the public had in us an underdog role, and I can accept that but I certainly expected to win every game last year. And that's the way we'll go into every game. I've gone into every game of my entire career that way."

Rex on Shonn Greene and durability issues: "I think with durability a lot of it is taken with the fact that he runs over the first guy a lot of the times. He runs hard. He finishes runs and he takes that extra hit sometimes. And Anthony Lennon and I talked about it does [he need] pads. He looks like Leroy Selman when he's out there all padded up. His running style has to be that. That's what makes Shonn an unbelievable back…..I love his running style and I think he's a battering ram type back."

Rex on Revis: "Obviously Darrelle Revis is a great player and I want him here and I would love to have him here right now. I'd love to have him here whenever. If he signs a contract one day before the first game Darrell will be starting simple as that. I'd love to get him here. But as a concern we got to get who we have ready to go. If Darrelle's not here we've gonna move on. We don't make excuses. We expect to be a dominant team. When people think of the New York Jets, we want them to expect that and not be disappointed with the product we put out on the field. We think we'll have a great defense anyway and I know we will, but it's just a hell of a lot easier if Revis is out there."

Rex On Brunell: "If you look at Brunell he sees the field so well….and I know he's gonna help all the quarterbacks and not just Sanchez."

Rex on expectations and Super Bowl talk: "I am a one game at a time guy. But I also know the big picture, our goal never changes. Our goal is to win a Super Bowl. I don't care if you like it, whatever. Everybody laughed at us last year when we said we were gonna do this and this and we backed it up."

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