Tuesday Practice Report

Tuesday's sessions lacked the intensity of the days before, but the Jets showed their spirit and one maligned player earned praise from Rex Ryan.

A look at the news and notes from Tuesday's two practice sessions:

The New York Jets have found their franchise guy…He's mainly a pocket passer and moves like Joe Namath in Joe Willie's days with the Rams…Rex Ryan went 6-for-9 taking snaps during the linebacker/safety coverage drills, connecting with defensive back Marquice Cole three times and lobbing a crisp 20-yard touch pass to cornerback Brian Jackson over safety Brodney Pool on the left sideline…Did someone say "Rexchise"?

Tuesday's morning and afternoon practices mainly consisted of walkthroughs and positional drills, but the team did have a brief 11-on-11 session with full pads near the end of the morning rehearsal.

Starting at the 25-yardline, Mark Sanchez completed a short pass to Jericho Cotchery before earning a first down on a 12-yard pass to Santonio Holmes. The second-year quarterback hit Dustin Keller for a short gain but couldn't convert on fourth down with a sideline attempt to Cotchery…. With a bigger field to work with on the next drive, Sanchez and Cotchery hooked up on fourth-and-long for a 14-yard gain. Cotchery made a great leaping grab in traffic, but Jim Leonard then picked off Sanchez after the ball popped off of Braylon Edwards' chest.

Ryan was especially pleased with defensive end Vernon Gholston's performance in the team drills, noting that Gholston beat D'Brickashaw Ferguson on two rushes…. "I don't want to say it," Ryan said. "I don't want to say it just yet, but I'm told… I'm not going to say it. But he's coming… He's the only guy who has beaten Brick all year. Nobody else has, including Jason Taylor."

Danny Woodhead scored on a 10-yard touchdown run in 11-on-11s. Also, the second-team defense "sacked" backup quarterback Mark Brunell four consecutive times.

Punter Steve Weatherford was outstanding again Tuesday. Like Monday, Weatherford and free agent pickup T.J. Conley were getting serious hang time under their punts, though the two did have a good breeze moving directly at their backs.

Brad Smith took some snaps at quarterback in both wildcat and single back packages. His first pass attempt in the standard formation was an ugly, wobbling duck that landed near no one. However, he looked good running the wildcat and option.

The pace of the early session was less upbeat than both of Monday's practices, and the afternoon session Tuesday was even slower…. Players on defense were mainly limited to hitting pads, footwork drills and catching balls.

There was a brief stint of 11-on-11s when the players were wearing shells in the afternoon. During that drill, Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight made some nice runs, and Antonio Cromartie tipped a Sanchez pass… Guard Matt Slauson had to do a lap for a false start… Ryan anointed him the starter for Monday's preseason game against the New York Giants.

Kris Jenkins, who shared a few words with a group of fans in the morning practice, showed his frustration in the second session after the fans were repeatedly yelling to him about eating cookies…. "You think that makes people feel good?" Jenkins said as he walked by the bleachers.

Nick St. Denis covers the Jets for GreenAndWhiteReport.com

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