"Revis Island" May Not Have 83 Visitors

One day after head coach Rex Ryan bantered about a possible team-wide meeting with holdout Darrelle Revis, the Jets issued a statement on the contract talks and the players responded to their coach's sit-down idea.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan made headlines on Wednesday afternoon following the team's morning session of training camp when he said that he ideally wants to call together the entire team and hold-out cornerback Darrelle Revis for a meeting to discuss the player's disputed contract.

"We'll call off practice. We'll have our whole team there [with] me. That way there is no he said, she said, and we'll get the thing done. Let's work it that way. Let's bring him in," Ryan told the media on Wednesday. "I'm inviting them to come in - Revis and everybody else he wants. As many or few as he wants. We'll have the whole team there, including our owner and the whole organization."

The holdout of Revis is now quickly coming to the end of its second full week as the All-Pro cornerback feels he has "outperformed" his current contract and is holding out for a deal that would make him the highest paid cornerback in the league. Ryan wouldn't say on Wednesday that the issue of Revis is a sore subject with the team but he wants everything to be open and transparent.

On Thursday before Ryan's press conference, the Jets released a statement saying, in part, that "all discussions regarding these negotiations will remain confidential." On Thursday, Ryan had a simple "no comment" when asked about the contract situation.

The context of Ryan's comments on Wednesday centered on openness and avoiding the finger-pointing that has typified this hold-out. It was clear from what Ryan said that the meeting he suggested wasn't a way for the players to pressure Revis to sign a contract but rather that he wanted to avoid hearsay and controversy.

And while Ryan said on Wednesday that the players would love the meeting because practice would be cancelled, some of the players themselves had a different idea.

"I wouldn't be open to that. Once you do something like that, that means someone's bigger than the team. I love Revis to death, and I have no problem with his situation or what's going on right now," wide receiver Braylon Edwards said on Thursday morning. "It's about him and the team getting on the same page, and by team, I mean the administration... In terms of taking all the team to go see Revis, I feel like that's putting someone above the team. I wouldn't agree with that... I have no problem with what he's doing, but I wouldn't support the movement to take 83 guys to go see one player."

Other players, such as safety Jim Leonhard, dodged the question.

"That's just the way [Rex] approaches everything, [it] is 'let's be open, let's see if we can get it done'," Leonhard said. "Both sides want a deal done, there's no secret on that."

Leonhard, however, is open to a different avenue by which to settle the situation and bring #24 back into the fold.

"I think we're trying to send out mass text messages to Revis to try and get this done," Leonhard said.

Kristian R. Dyer can be reached for comment at KristianRDyer@yahoo.com and followed at twitter.com/kdyer1012. Nick St. Denis contributed to this report.

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