Fans Like Stadium, Not PSL's

The Jets opened their new home on Monday night, earning rave reviews from the rain-soaked fans.

The Jets and the Giants squared off in the first football game at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Monday night and many fans were impressed with the new facility, with one fan going as far to say it was "night and day" comparing the old stadium to the new.

"Just look around. The concourses are wider and cleaner. The food is a billion times better," said Jesse Lyons, of the Smithtown, N.Y. Lyons, the son of Jets radio broadcaster Marty Lyons, was at the game with a friend from Florida who couldn't help, but remark how The New Meadowlands Stadium was better than the stadiums in Florida.

"This is twenty times better [than the Bucs and Dolphins stadium]. The Bucs tried to clean up their stadium to have good food in it, but it's nothing like this. Everything's cleaner here…I don't like the Dolphins' stadium at all - it's very crowded, very huddled," said Dante Alpieri, of Florida.

One Jets' fan that came all the way from the Poconos even thought the New Meadowlands Stadium could give the new stadium in Dallas a run as staking claim to the best facility in the NFL.

"This is a very unique stadium the way it's designed and everything. I know how everyone talks about the Dallas stadium, but I think this will give them a run for their money," said Bill Blair of Mount Pocono.

Not all fans however, were sold on the costs of the PSL's that help finance the cost ofthe new stadium.

"It's a tough thing to do because I split tickets with a friend of mine and it is a challenge, but we'll see… if the team wins [then] it's definitely worth it," said Ben Quinones of Weehawken, N.J.

Quinones, however, also added he that the the stadium was a "beauty."

"This is night and day. This is an absolute beauty," said Quinones.

Jesse Lyons was also not so sure the PSL's were worth it.

"I'm not sure about that, but if you look around the stadium - it is amazing. The price of the PSL's are still pretty high," said Lyons.

One fan, however felt the cost of the PSL's were fair.

"I think it's fair. The Jets out of all the different teams that I've been following – their PSL's are the cheapest I've seen," said Blair, who had said the stadium might be the best one in the league.

Regardless of the cost of the new PSL's, the New Meadowlands Stadium was filled more on Monday night then during any preseason game in recent memory at the old stadium. As one fan put it, the New Meadowlands Stadium could be the blueprint of future NFL stadiums to come.

"This is one of the first stadiums with all HDTV's. The screens are clear. Everything is clear. Everything is wider and open. It's new and different," said Alpieri.

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