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The agent for Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers has said the team hasn't given him the impression they aren't inclined to trade the Pro Bowler, reports. The Seattle Seahawks said last week that they were given permission by San Diego to talk with Jackson's representatives about a possible trade. Jackson's agent, Neil Schwartz, says news of those talks prompted a half dozen other NFL teams to contact him, but Jackson referred them to the Chargers for clearance. Chargers' negotiator Ed McGuire has been quoted Tuesday saying the team won't give him permission to talk with teams other than the Seahawks.

In Days of Our Lives: Football Edition, the NFL fined Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco $25,000 dollars on Tuesday for violating its restrictions on using social media sites before, during and after games after Ochocinco was caught posting messages on Twitter during the Bengal's preseason game. The wide receiver apologized for the transgression which happened this last weekend and did so on Twitter no less and sent another, special apology tweet to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stating: "Dad again I apologize 2 you for my tweet, as my father I understand you've to discipline, can we try timeout next time please :)". is also reporting that New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski, and the team have reached an agreement on an extension, according to reports. Gostkowski signed a one-year tender this offseason as a restricted free agent that paid him $1.79 million, and the Pats have reached a four-year extension agreement. He will now be significantly more compensated making about $3.5 million dollars a year through 2014, with $5 million dollars in guaranteed money on a deal that begins after 2010. Funny, you can't even fit Gostkowski in a Twitter text box…

Per, the Denver Broncos announced a one-year contract extension for quarterback Kyle Orton on Thursday night, which will keep him with the team through 2011. This move allows rookie QB Tim Tebow to mature at his own pace while providing stability to the Broncos should Orton play well this season.

The average value for NFL teams has fallen for the first time in twelve years. Forbes magazine released its annual ranking of NFL team values Wednesday and it found bigger teams have weathered the rough economy much better than the smaller franchises. Overall, the average value decreased 2 percent from last year to a still gargantuan $1.022 billion dollars. This proves not even the NFL is immune to the economic downturn, but the league is still in much better shape than many other properties. Spiraling costs are blamed for the issue.

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