The Leonhard Blog: First Edition

New York Jets' safety Jim Leonhard will be blogging exclusively for this season! Check out his first entry on training camp and the pre-season.

Jim Leonhard will be blogging exclusively for this season!

Well, three games are down in the preseason and one more in Philadelphia awaits us. Training camp in Cortland is done and the season is almost here.

And quite frankly, I can't wait till we play Baltimore on Monday night to start things off.

Well, year two with Rex Ryan in New York is going along well, but I have to admit, it is funny being the veteran of the system here with the Jets in the secondary. Think about it – on Saturday night against Washington, I had three new players back there with me in Antonio Cromartie, Kyle Wilson and Brodney Pool. Everything is going well and I think the comfort we have with each other is improving. We're limiting the big plays as much as we can.

Not going to lie, it takes time for new players to get used to each other.

Brodney Pool is an impressive player to have back there with you at safety and I've enjoyed seeing him up close and working next to him. Our communication is improving and he's a guy who can make plays. One thing you won't see or ever hear anyone talk about is his knowledge of our system – the guy has come in here and really picked things up and done it fast. Now it is a matter of making things work and making it all stick. But we keep communicating better and better each game, so it is merely a matter of time.

He's done a good job, coming in from a different system in Cleveland where he was asked to do things differently than he does here. It's been neat to sort of watch him take a hold of things.

The defense, as a whole, I think, is starting to click. We saw a good performance against the Giants in the first half and we were strong on the road in Carolina. Then against the Redskins, we did some good things. Now we need to put it all together. Are we carrying the load for the offense? Maybe a little bit right now, but I want to caution about this – you haven't seen our offense fully-loaded yet.

Our offense right now is very vanilla and you're not really seeing pieces like Santonio Holmes right yet, who will be a big piece for us later in the season. Don't ever judge an offense by the preseason it may be having; I've been around this game too long to fall for that. This is a good offense; it just needs a couple more weeks to get it all together.

Keep in mind that while Mark Sanchez has been up and down, he had a great game against New York except for one throw. The last two games have been rough but I think it will come together. It is awfully close to all coming together.

Tough news, very tough news this weekend as we learned that Calvin Pace will be missing some time with an injury he picked up on Friday night. Pace is a big-play guy and it is going to mean extra pressure on Jason Taylor and the rest of us to fill in for a player like Calvin who does so much and means so much to our defense.

Now, I want to address the Darrelle Revis situation, as that is the only thing people seem to want to talk about right now – I seriously can't step out for a minute without someone asking me what the deal is. So, for out there who is curious, listen up: it is a business. Sometimes as a player, you don't get the chance to see or understand exactly what is going on, and you have to trust that a teammate or management is handling their business. Simple.

That is what is going on right now with Darrelle as he is handling business. Everyone knows what he means to this team and how he is one of the best players in the league. He needs to take care of things and I think he will. I hope we see him on the field soon because we have a great defense right now and it will only get better with him there.

Alright, that's it from Leonhard Land right now. Keep checking back throughout the season as I share my thoughts and insight into the season!

Jim Leonhard

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