Woody Johnson on Revis: "Not signed yet."

Jets' owner Woody Johnson confirmed that Darrelle Revis will sign a new contract, but nothing is signed yet.

Jets' owner Woody Johnson addressed the media on Monday afternoon, confirming that the team has re-signed Darrelle Revis to a four-year contract. Johnson along with team management and head coach Rex Ryan, flew to Florida this past weekend to get a deal done.

Johnson said that next week's opener against Baltimore precipitated this gesture on the part of the Jets.

"The thing is, the opener is upon us," Johnson said. "That's a fact of life. There are plays to learn – get in shape. I think the schedule was the compelling part of it."

According to Johnson, the deal was reached on Sunday night in what he termed as the "breakthrough" moment. The Jets offered Revis both a four-year contract and then a deal that was even longer. Johnson was pleased with the length of the contract that Revis has agreed to, even if it was the shorter of the two options.

"Four years is long-term," Johnson said. "People call it short-term – it's long-term."

Saying that he hopes Revis plays till he is 45 years old and eventually goes to the Hall of Fame, Johnson confirmed that to his knowledge, the contract is not yet finalized and there is no signature as of mid-Monday afternoon.

"It's kinda done - not signed yet," Johnson said, who later termed the signature as "imminent."

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