Robbed! Lions Fans Slam Blown Call, NFL

Detroit Lions fans react to stunning call on Calvin Johnson's negated touchdown reception late in Sunday's 19-14 loss to the DChicago Bears.

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Lions' fans are responding to the controversial ruling during Sunday's 19-14 contest at Chicago -- and it ain't pretty.

With less than a minute remaining in the game, backup quarterback Shaun Hill's jumpball was snared by Johnson, who appeared to collect the pass, roll into the endzone, and set the ball to the turf just before celebrating.

Despite having possession of the ball with both feet in the end zone, the initially ruled touchdown was overturned (and that call held-up in the booth) when it was deemed that Johnson did not complete the league-demanded 'process.'

The Reaction ...

This is ridiculous. I don't care what the obscure rule might be. Having clear possession of the ball in the end zone should be a touchdown - GhostofBobbyLayne

**** these refs ******* ******** im sick right now. - beergood

What the F*** IS THAT? He lost his balance trying to celebrate the TD and it's an incomplete pass? How do you not have possession of the ball when you land on your feet and take multiple steps? It's a touchdown in every single way. - Gohard24

We clearly score a TD in the final seconds and the refs use some *********** rule to send the home crowd out happy. They should be ashamed of what they just did. - BrokenGlass284

Worst week one game in my entire life as a football fan. Lost our quarterback, robbed of a win. Horrible, horrible. I have no faith in the NFL product. - Carcajou

That was a TD all day long he caught the ball, came down with both feet in the center of the endzone, went to the ground with his buttocks touching while STILL in possession, and sat the ball down!!!!! that was the biggest ROBBERY in the history of Football! wolfcub36

How can it be any more of a catch. Two hands. Two feet. One hand. Knee. Hip. All down, never juggling the ball. Where is the common sense? You let the ball go as you are getting up to celebrate and that negates the TD???? - Slops

This is were my 'conspiracy theory' frame-of-mind kicks in, big time! Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the U.S., Bears are known to probably be struggling this year, Lovie Smith is probably a lame-duck, and losing the home opener to the Lions, worst team in the NFL over the last 10 years would probably deflate some important people's wallets somewheres. Disgusting anti-Detroit bias and pure crap! - BillMunson

The process of the catch was OVER! He was just pushing himself up off the ground with the ball! The Lions just got the shaft! - blueraptor

Blame Calvin for not securing the catch. Tuck the dang ball! The official rule is a player must maintain possession through the entire catch when falling. Calvin did not, although he clearly could have if he keeps his focus. It's not a new rule. He is paid millions to know the rules. Calvin(and Scott Linehan for that horrible play calling) are the reason we lost this game, not the officials. - pr4mr22

I'm a Vikes fan guys and I'll admit, I feel SICK for the Lions and their fans right now. What's crazy is that the 2 worst calls I've ever seen in the HISTORY OF SPORTS just happened in the same summer to the same damn city. Galaragga and Johnson....just fn ROBBBED! Man, sorry guys.....but I don't care what anyone WON that game! - FIGHTINGIOUX010

I'll say it here too:
Step 1: Catch the ball in the end zone, establishing both feet down.
Step 2: Fall to your butt cheek/thigh, still possessing the ball.
Step 3: Set the ball down.
Incomplete pass?

Only when the Lions are about to beat the Bears in Chicago. Something the NFL apparently doesn't want to see.

So from now on, any wide receiver who catches a TD pass and flips the ball away? Sorry, incomplete pass under the "The Lions can't be allowed to beat the Bears in their home opener" rule.

I don't know what makes me more angry, the actual theievery or that f'ing weasel Mike Perrera on FOX actually trying with a straight face to excuse away the theievery. If he were within arm's length of me talking that crap, I swear on my mother I would have cold-cocked him. - Spiel54man

You fools clearly don't know anything about football.

Everybody knows he has to catch the TD pass, put both feet down, then sit down, then go cross-legged, and stuff the ball under his shirt.

Why do I even bother talking football with people who have such a lack of understanding of the game?

(That's for any idiot trying to explain this away.) - Spiel54man

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