Lions entertain more LBs, but still no signatures

Another update from Mike Fowler regarding the Lions' free-agent situation, including visits from MLB Wali Rainer (Jaguars), RB Shawn Bryson (Bills) and more info on Na'il Diggs visit. Plus: Ford's diversity history freaking out NFL in regards to Lions' hiring practices, Vikes entertain Claiborne & more.

(ALLEN PARK) - The free agency parade goes on here in Allen Park, but as the players come and go, no one seems to be sticking.

Yesterday, Detroit took visits from two remaining free agents Jacksonville's Wali Rainer and Buffalo running back Shawn Bryson.

Rainer, 25, played the strong side linebacker position for the Jaguars last year and record 86 tackles.  Entering just his fifth year in the league, Rainer would fit the profile of what Detroit is looking for (young and productive), and would likely come at a lower price than some of the players Detroit has entertained at the position.

Bryson's appearance is somewhat of a mystery.  The 26-year-old third-year veteran rushed 13 times for just 35 yard (2.7 per carry) while catching just one ball for nine yards.  His best season was his rookie year when he rushed for 591 yards on 161 carries (3.7 per carry).

Meanwhile, it appears less and less likely that Detroit will be working a sign-and-trade deal for San Francisco's wide receiver Tai Streets.  The former UM product wants out of San Francisco and expected to be an unrestricted free agent this season.  However the NFL ruled that because he suffered a non-football related injury his rookie season (in a pickup basketball game) that he has only three accrued years of service, making him a restricted free agent.

Lions' head coach Steve Mariucci made it clear yesterday that he would consider a deal for the productive Streets (72 catches for 756 yards and five touchdowns), but the 49'ers insistence on a second round pick, #34 overall is too high.  Detroit would likely consider a deal if the 49'ers lowered the compensation to a third rounder.

Detroit has yet to speak contract terms with restricted free agent Na'il Diggs' agent, Mitch Frankel.  Frankel said he expects to hear from Detroit by today, but Diggs will move on to visit other teams if the Lions do not make a serious offer by tomorrow.

MORE ON DIVERSITY:  The NFL cannot make up its mind what to do about the Lions regarding the hiring of Steve Mariucci without, according to the league, interviewing a viable minority candidate. 

The league is in a quandary because the Ford family, especially Lions vice-chairman Bill Ford, Jr. is known in the corporate world as one of the strongest advocates for diversity having a corporate wide diversity policy second to none. 

However, the league feels Lions president and GM Matt Millen did not act fairly.  Some reports have the league penalizing Millen alone and not the Lions organization to avoid alienating the influential Ford, Jr., President of Ford Motor Company, one of the NFL biggest advertisers.

CHRIS CROSS?: The Minnesota Vikings met with Lions free agent linebacker Chris Claiborne but the 24-year old left without getting a contract offer.  Claiborne has received little interest around the league thus far and Lions head coach Steve Mariucci says Detroit has "not closed the door" on Claiborne's return.

From Viking Update on Claiborne:The Vikings are looking at former Lions LB Chris Claiborne as an option. He played MLB with Detroit, but is more natural on the outside and, with Greg Biekert under contract, Claiborne would be moved outside if signed by the Vikes

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