Before I Read Yours: Silver Lining?

Lions fan 'AtticusSpeaks' shares his casual-toned observations following Detroit's loss at Green Bay.

AtticusSpeaks is a long-time member and Lions fan, who has regularly posted in The Den message board for years, an online gathering place for Lions fans. Interact Now.

I may surprise some of you in the following comments. But first, let me start by saying that if you lose, you lose. No true silver lining.

Ahhh, but you know what comes next: my list of reasons to not be upset.

  • Look, we were in a position to win this game in Lambeau (a place Detroit hasn't won in nearly 20 years) -- without Matthew Stafford, Nate Burleson or DeAndre Levy. No way that should have happened.

  • Further, Aaron Rodgers didn't butcher us as badly as I expected.

  • Third, the offense and Shaun Hill played much more like I insisted they had to play -- all week I harassed them.

    Huh? Well, I felt Shaun DID press the ball down the field more than in prior games -- particularly earlier in the game when he had, in other games, been really timid.

This all didn't work out, of course.

Jahvid Best had two big mistakes -- the fumble and falling down on a pass pattern.

And Detroit had a TON of penalties.

But, hey, we STILL managed to be in a position to win this game.

One note: there's a long-held view that if you miss an extra point, it'll come back to bite you. Well, over the years, I've felt like when Jason Hanson misses a field goal it ultimately makes a big difference. Seems like he almost never misses in games where we're losing bad.

Granted, his 55-yard attempt was a long one at the end of the half, but we saw Jags' kicker Josh Scobee make a 59 yarder on Sunday.

Hanson missed it -- and we lost by 2 points.

And it's disappointing that after finishing two drives in the first half to get touchdowns, we had four drives in the second half end in field goals.

Still, part of me feels like we saw a pretty good football team wearing the blue and silver. It isn't a silver lining. But I always thought we'd lose this one -- even at full strength -- so I'm not really bummed. It's too bad we couldn't pull it off, but onto the next game.

And hopefully, finally, a win.

My main plus is that I felt Shaun Hill looked more like a quarterback this time -- and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan seemed to put more faith in him this time.

I have a feeling he's our quarterback the next couple games, so I'm hopeful we can get at least one win.

Had we seen more of the same from Linehan and Hill, I'd be more in despair.

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