Lions eCard Service Caters To Football Fan's eCard service allows fans to greet each other in Lions Fashion

Most online greeting services don't cater to the average NFL fan, let alone the typical Detroit Lions fan.

Flowers? No thanks. Humor? Humor me not.

You can't say Happy Birthday to the painted face, beer holding, nacho eating football guy with an online card decorated with balloons.

So, developed a solution. Lions eCards.

The first Detroit Lions web site to introduce such a feature,'s Lions eCard service allows online users to greet friends, relatives, or others in fashion. Lions fashion.

The free service, which can be utilized by clicking here, gives the user a gallery of Lions' photos to append to the card, and also allows selection of text color, background color, and also unlimited writing space -- features other Lions-themed services lack (you know which ones we're talking about).

The service also uses a backend database, via ASP scripting, giving the user the most reliable online greeting method in the business!

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