Lions New Regime Keeps Fans Optimistic

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Adrian Donofrio -

This off-season has brought quite a few changes to the Detroit Lions.

With training camp right around the corner, there are plenty of new, fresh and talented players participating. A new offense, new layers, and a new front office, what else is there to change?

Rookie Team President Matt Millen knows just the thing: attitude.

He knows instilling a winning attitude in the players, and in the lockerroom, is a puzzle piece that's been missing from the Lions' big picture for years. But don't think it stops there. Millen also says that there's got to be a winning attitude in the city and in the fans, too, which could be an even more daunting task since the Lions have been seemingly stuck in neutral the past few years.

There are plenty of fans who aren't sold just yet, and rightfully so. Many fans are of the opinion that the season is in Charlie Batch's hands, which is still "on the hook" with basically everyone.

Nevertheless, the new Lions regime seem to keep the fans optimistic. With a lot of media not knowing what to think, all here is left to do is wait and see, which every Lions fan is eager to do.

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