New Uniforms Unveiled

Fans will see a modified version of the Detroit Lions on the field next year, and we aren't talking about the players. In a sharp addition, the organization added an an aggressive black trim to their uniforms, a look that will be complemented by a black face mask and black shoes. (EXCLUSIVE Photo Gallery Inside!)

The Detroit Lions released a modified logo and jersey Wednesday afternoon, and the persistent rumors and hype that trailed the event were quickly quelled.

The unveiling of the new "Leaping Lion" logo revealed a sharp black trim that was forecasted by the team prior to the press conference. The same trim outlines the jersey (home and away) and pants. Black shoes (required) and a black face mask will complement the changes.

Gossip of a uniform change began even last season, and according to one rumor, the change was scheduled to be released prior to the opening of Ford Field when the team hosted the Green Bay Packers. NFL marketing rules prohibit a uniform change without advance notice, in effort to give uniform producers enough time to create -- and market -- a retail version that can be sold to the public.

Lions' GM Matt Millen made reference to the attempt during the media briefing.

"We talked about it a year ago and we just didn't get it in on time," Millen admitted. "It takes a while just to change a simple thing like a little outline. We really didn't do much. All we did was add a little black to outline it - it enhances it. Our primary colors are still the same.

"I like it. It doesn't take much for me though. You could put a flannel shirt on that thing and I would have been happy. "

Apparently, most fans agree with Millen.

In a poll held on the message board "The Den", 42.3 percent of 175 fans voted the new look as "Good". 7.4 percent graded as 'Terrible' while 17.7 percent gave the new look a "Great" rating.

Briefly: There has been some muttering made in jest that the change will give Raiders' owner Al Davis 'something else to complain about.'  Davis has been known to air complaints if a prospective new look reflects his Raiders' traditional silver and black to any degree. Millen shared this comment: "I didn't ask him yet. We already had the silver. It's just a little touch (of black)."

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