Things We Heard on the Internet ...

The combination of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley sparked a world wide web reaction.

We perused the web a bit to check out the reaction to Detroit's drafting of Nick Fairley. Here are a few of the things we came across ...

YouTube User:
Maybe the Vikings will trade up for Andrew Luck next year after Suh and Fairley break Christian Ponder this season.

Another YouTube User:
Opposing QBs better have their health insurance ready ...

Michael Rosenberg, Free Press:
A strength! A genuine, undisputed strength. Nobody will want to face those two. It will be a nightmare.

You can look at that Lions' defensive line and smile. You know, unless you're a quarterback.

John Crist, NFL expert:
The rest of the NFC North has been put on notice. Suh and Fairley could be every bit as good -- if not better -- as the Williams Wall has been in Minnesota the last half a decade or so. Man oh man.

Nate Caminata, publisher:
The NFL is allegedly a game won in the trenches: After the Detroit Lions are done, there might not be much of a trench left.

Caminata to writer Ty Schalter:
I'll buy you a beer if you reference the Bash Brothers (see: Mighty Ducks) in your Fairley-Suh story.

Bears Fan:
Oh great.  Now we have to watch Kreutz, Garza, and Chrissie Williams try to block Suh and Fairley.

Vikings Fan:
now the lions have fairly/suh as their interior!!!!

Packers Fan:
how scary did the Lions Dline just become?

Another Packers Fan:
Yea they have holes but personally i think the lions got one of the steals of the draft. That Dline will be unstoppable.

Lions Fan:
Christian Ponder just wet himself.

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