Lion Bytes: Boss Bailey Interview

Lions' insider Mike Fowler interviewed rookie linebacker Boss Bailey during Friday's mini-camp. Just what exactly were Bailey's impressions on starting with the defense? Read more to find out. You can also listen to this interview by clicking the link inside.

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Mike Fowler Interview with Boss Bailey (More Coming!)

On starting with the defense as a rookie ...
"Yeah, it can be impressive and a little overwhelming. But I just try to go out there and be myself and just work hard. If I make a mistake, I try to make it going full speed."

On "intense" linebacker coach Richard Smith ...
"He's definately intense. I was pretty much used to that. I had the same kind of coach in college ... they are very similar. That's the kind of situation I like. I like an intense coach who gets you fired up. That's a good thing."

On whether or not he's better suited for weak side, rather than strong side ...
"That was everybody's impression coming in. Going through college playing four years at strong side of course that was a comfort level coming in ... I think I can be productive either way. It's all about how you run to the ball in this league, and I think I can do that so it really doesn't matter what side."

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