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*Marks Junior Prospect


Name__________ School Hgt. Wgt. Notes:
1. Jason Thomas* UNLV 6-3 238 Thomas transfered from USC, and has all the skills that the NFL looks for in the new bread of quarterbacks, and still has room to improve. Some people compare him to a player like Donovan McNabb.
2. Carson Palmer* USC 6-4 220 Palmer has been a underachiever, but he has everything that NFL scouts look for. The new staff and system at USC should allow Palmer to shake the label of underachiever.
3. Chris Simms* Texas 6-5 222 Simms will be a full time starter this season and if he plays to the ability that everyone thinks he can he could be at the top of the list and the number one draft choice come April if he decides to leave Texas early.
4. Joey Harrington Oregon 6-3 211 Harrington is a winner, and he has the size and arm strength to play in the NFL. Right now he is the top senior quarterback for the 2002 NFL Draft.
5. David Garrard East Carolina 6-3 241 Garrard has the size and the arm strength and is still improving his overall game. At the end of the season he could be the top senior quarterback in this class. Some people compare him to Daunte Culpepper because of his size and arm strength.
6. Ken Dorsey* Miami (Fla.) 6-5 200 Dorsey is as cool as the come and some think that he might be the best QB to come out of Miami and that is saying something considering NFL Great Jim Kelly was a quarterback with the Hurricane. He needs to add some bulk to his frame, but he spreads the ball around to all areas of the field.
7. Dave Ragone* Louisville 6-4 200 Ragone is a better prospect than the last quarterback in Louisville, Chris Redman, who is with the Ravens. Ragone has a huge upside but he would be best if he stayed in school another year.
8. George Godsey* Georgia Tech 6-2 210 Godsey has a huge upside, he has the size and the arm strength to play in the NFL. A good junior season and some more development could move him way up the chats.
9. Kurt Kittner Illinois 6-2 207 Kittner is a tough player, who is mobile and avoids making big mistakes. But he is not flashy and lacks arm strength to be a top NFL prospect.
10. David Neill Nevada 6-5 210 Neill has great size and can move. He has good arm strength and potential but his down fall is that he is not very consistent.


Name__________ School Hgt. Wgt. Notes:
1. T.J. Duckett* Michigan State 6-2 254 Duckett has great size and with his size has good speed. Is a tough runner that will be able to carry the load as a workhorse as a premier NFL running back
2. Cedric Cobbs* Arkansas 6-1 225 Cobbs heath is a concern, if he is healthy he could be the best player available if he decides to come out early. Many people think that he could be a franchise running back with his size, speed and skills.
3. DeShaun Foster UCLA 6-0 215 Foster has the ability to be a very good NFL running back if he can stay healthy. He has breakaway speed and has the ability to makes big plays.
4. Lee Suggs* Virginia Tech 6-0 200 Suggs have very good size and speed, and he helped Michael Vick more the people give him credit for. Some people don't think he is ready right know for the NFL and that he will need to stay in school.
5. Najeh Davenport Miami (FL) 6-1 238 Davenport has the size and the speed that NFL scouts look for. Plus many people think that he will be a lot more productive since James Jackson has gone on to the NFL.
6. Adrian Peterson Georgia Southern 5-10 208 Peterson has dominated the Division I-AA level and could be the best ever at that level. But some scouts question where or not he can handle it with the best of the best, but he does have the size and speed to do so.
7. Damien Anderson Northwestern 5-10 205 Anderson has good size but he doesn't have the straight line speed that NFL scouts look for but he is a very productive running back. He finds different ways to contribute because he lacks that great speed.
8. Ken Simonton Oregon State 5-7 181 Simonton has great speed but he lacks size. If Simonton was bigger he would be at the top of the list because he has been a productive runner for his first three years at Oregon State.
9. Maurice Morris Oregon 6-0 205 Morris has the size and the speed, but he doesn't have that many moves. Last season, he was a very productive running back, and averaged over 100 yards per game. He has made a lot of progress and could move up the chats if he shows that he has some moves.
10. William Green* Boston College 6-1 220 Green has very good size and had a great sophomore season, last year but he must play better in the bigger games against the best of the Big East.
11. Rocky Harvey Illinois 5-9 175 Harvey is small and quick with great hands, and shows that he does have some break away speed. He will most likely be a third-down specialist in NFL.
12. Ray Robinson NC State 5-10 199 Robinson was the 1998 ACC rookie of the year and is a very good running back. He has suitable size and speed but can be a productive back when he is on his game.


Name__________ School Hgt. Wgt. Notes:
1. Antonio Bryant Pittsburgh 6-2 195 Bryant has good size, speed and  excellent hands. He is a true deep threat that also can take a short slant and turn it into a long touchdown with his ability to run after the catch.
2. Ron Johnson Minnesota 6-3 212 Johnson has good size and speed. He also is very strong and will battle the defense back for the ball. He is a big play receiver that led the Big Ten in receiving yards and had 11 TD's as well.
3. Andre Davis Virginia Tech 6-0 200 Davis is a very good playmaker, but some think that his production will drop because Michael Vick is in the NFL know. He has very good speed and when he is healthy he is a very good return specialist as well.
4. Jabar Gaffney
Florida 6-1 195 Gaffney had some off-the-field problems that he had to put behind him. Last season he dominated the SEC leading them in all receiving categories catches, yards and TD's. He has great speed and is a very good player maker cause he can run after the catch with the best of them.
5. Marquise Walker Michigan 6-3 203 Walker will be the number wide receiver at Michigan this season, the past 3 year he was the number 2 option behind David Terrell who was the number 8 pick by the Bears in this year draft. Walker is only sight behind Terrell as far as talent, he has the size, speed and hands to be a big play wide receiver in the NFL, and will show it this season.
6. Jevon Walker Florida State 6-3 190 Walker should come out of no  where to make big plays a FSU, many think he will be one of the nation's top receivers by mid-October. He has the size and the speed to do so and just must prove he can.
7. Kelly Campbell Georgia Tech 5-11 175 Campbell size is a concern for many scouts. He made some big strides from his sophomore to his junior  and looks continue to make strides in his senior year. Campbell makes up for his size with his playmaking ability.
8. Freddie Milons Alabama 5-11 186 Milons had an awesome sophomore season, then he look a step backwards last season as a junior. He is a  remarkable athlete, and should return to his sophomore form with a more  consistent game plan from week to week. He is also a top-notch return  specialist.
9. Terrance Edwards
Georgia 6-0 165 Edwards has a very good blood line, his brother Robert was a first round draft pick of the New England  Patriots but then suffered a knee injury. Terrence is a play maker and can  score when every he touches the ball; he is on the skinny side and needs to add some weight before coming to the NFL.
10. Brian Poli-Dixon UCLA 6-4 205 Poli-Dixon has all the skills and  the size to be a difference maker in the NFL. Last season was in the shadow  of first round draft choice Freddie Mitchell, but should have a break out season since he will be the number one option.
11. Kahlil Hill Iowa 6-2 188 Hill is a tall, lanky receiver that has great hands. He needs to add some bulk to his frame so that he can be more physical, as well as staying focus. As well as being a top notch receiver is a feared return guy as well.
12.Antwaan Randle El Indiana 5-11 189 Randle El was the quarterback last season who will make the transition to receiver this year. Randle El is  the best athlete in the Big Ten and has spent two springs practice working as  a wide receiver, so he is unpolished.
13. Michael Hayes Southern 6-5 210 Hayes has great size, he also is  a very strong and physical. To go along with his size, he has decent speed  and is a very hard worker.
14. Josh Reed
LSU 5-11 200 Reed is a converted running back who has great speed and decent size. He has a lot of potential but is unpolished.
15. Donte Stallworth
Tennessee 6-1 197 Stallworth has untapped potential, he need to improve his production on the field and if he can do that he could jump up to the top of the list.
16. Kareem Kelly
USC 6-1 185 Kelly is a very talented receiver, and  the number one receiver at USC but USC has a 2 other very talented receivers  so Kelly might not see as many balls as he would if he was some where else.  Kelly has good speed and can make the hard catch look easy.
17. Atrews Bell Florida State 5-11 201 Bell last season had 10 touch  down catches and averaged over 18 yards per catch. Bell has decent speed and  good moves running with the ball after the catch. Is a very solid receiver  and will be one in the NFL, maybe never great but reliable.
18. Lee Mays UTEP 6-3 190 Mays is an All-American candidate this  season, and UTEP will be looking to get him the ball early and often this  season. Mays has the skills to take over a game with his size and speed. Look for him next April when you are looking for a sleeper in the draft.
19. Antwone Savage
Oklahoma 6-0 190 Savage is the best of Oklahoma fleet of talented wide outs. He was the most productive receiver and was  third on the team in rushing last season. He has the size and the speed to  be a top receiver this season, and with some seasoning will be a productive receiver in the NFL.

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