Lions earn high praise across power rankings

Someone tip the cooler of honolulu blue kool-aid, there might not be enough to go around. After a 4-0 start, Lions Fever is now on a national level.

Someone tip the cooler of honolulu blue kool-aid, there might not be enough to go around.

The national media has officially caught Lions Fever, beginning with Sports Illustrated's recent cover immortalizing Calvin Johnson's winning touchdown catch against Dallas on Sunday, and continuing this week with a bevy of rave reviews and idealistic well-wishers.

Overnight, it seems, the Detroit sports scene has become a Utopian society.

Most media outlets ranked the Lions in their top five, with NBC Sports placing the 4-0 Lions just beneath Green Bay and New Orleans, writing, "Get past the Falcons in Week Five Seven, and the Packers Lions could take a 10-0 record into a Thanksgiving showdown with the Lions Packers."

The Critics Agree ...
National Outlet Ranking
ESPN No. 4
FOX Sports No. 4
SI (Peter King) No. 4
Pro Football Weekly No. 4
NBC Sports No. 3

Said SI's Peter King on his Monday Morning Quarterback report, "Why doesn't every expert in the world, in the media and on coaching staffs, just shut up about Calvin Johnson. You're embarrassing yourselves. But give this team its due. What a strong first quarter of the season.

King was clearly targeting Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and ESPN analyst Chris Carter for their less-than-flattering remarks regarding Johnson prior to Sunday's comeback win over the Cowboys.

ESPN's John Clayton wasn't afraid to drop the "P" word, either.

"The Lions are 4-0 with seven remaining home games. Got to be thinking playoffs," wrote Clayton.

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