Mane Line: Lions not worried about stats

Lions insider Mike Mady gets the scoop from the players inside Detroit's locker room.

Time to protect home field

The Detroit Lions 5-0 start is even more impressive considering they have won three contests on the road.

They overcame the heat in Tampa Bay, the crowd noise in Minnesota and a combination of both in Dallas.  Now, they are entrenched in the middle of a three-game home stand – a stretch of games that the team is taking very seriously.

Monday was a great start, as the Lions fed off of a high-energy crowd to beat the Chicago Bears.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to try to defend our turf,” said quarterback Matthew Stafford.  “Our fans came out on Monday and did an unbelievable job of getting us going and keeping loud the whole game.”

With the San Francisco 49ers on tap and the Atlanta Falcons immediately following, the battle to win at home won’t get any easier. 

“We got to take care of home field,” said wide receiver Calvin Johnson.  “Our biggest thing is to not get too caught up in our success right now.  Just keeping our head down.  Taking it day by day and putting in good work.”

“The big thing for us, we want to come out of this thing clean.  We want to be able to take care of these home games.  You have to take care of home field to give yourself a chance.”

Winning is all that matters

A lot has been made about the selflessness of the Lions locker room.

Players don’t complain about individual statistics or playing time.  They all simply want what’s best for the team and will do what’s necessary to win.

Stafford has fallen short of the 250-yard passing mark in both of his two most recent contests.  He also saw his attempts decrease in consecutive games.  

How does he feel?

“I couldn't care less,” said Stafford.  “I want to win games.  If we are ahead in the fourth quarter and I’m handing it off every time, that’s friggin awesome to me.  If I got to throw for 400 to win, I’ll throw for 400 to win.  I just want to do what’s best for this team.  I’m not worried about how many yards I’m throwing for here or there.”

Stafford isn’t the only player who shares this sentiment.

With all the hype, attention and passes going in Johnson’s direction, some may think the other receivers might start to become envious.

“I think that’s one of the biggest things that people don’t talk about is how unselfish we are as a group,” Burleson said after a practice last week.  “Nobody cares.  I think what’s even more exciting is that Calvin is scoring touchdowns.  I told Calvin ‘if you score two touchdowns every game, you ain’t got to worry about nothing around here. I take your laundry basket back and wash it for you.’”

“Here you aren’t going to hear anybody complaining.  We feel, in the locker room especially, in our receiving group, if Calvin scores, we all score.  Especially if we’re winning.”

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