The Prophet: Burleson's words ringing true

Nate Burleson has more than just delivered on the field. The veteran receiver has also followed through on a few prophetic statements.

The Detroit Lions signed Nate Burleson in 2010 to be a complement to No. 1 receiver Calvin Johnson.
Burleson has delivered, catching 122 passes for 1337 yards and nine touchdowns during his time with the Lions.  However, Burleson’s contributions have far exceeded the stat sheet. 
Burleson is both a source of leadership and camaraderie to players in the locker room.  
He is well liked by his teammates, always smiling and laughing with someone in the locker room.  He has the ability to help his teammates improve and maintain motivation while keeping the mood light and his teammates happy.
Burleson also brings a competitive drive to the team as he has a strong desire to win.  Upon his arrival to Detroit, Burleson proclaimed that he would be part of the group that helped return Detroit to relevance. He took advantage of an opportunity after Wednesday’s practice to remind everyone that he was right.
“We have righted a lot of wrongs but a lot of that has been local,” said Burleson.  “I say that in a sense that it means more to the people in Michigan than it does to everyone else outside of the state.  Winning on Saturday gives a little validation… it’s everybody knowing that the Detroit Lions made the playoffs, it is a step in the right direction, it’s a step in becoming more relevant.”
Burleson’s prediction of the Lions return to relevance was not his lone claim.  He was also adamant on the skill level of Johnson.
In a time when Johnson’s true ranking amongst the elite NFL receivers wasn’t certain, Burleson confidently called him the class of the group.
“When I got here, did I say or did I not say Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL?,” asked Burleson.  “When you guys (the media) asked me, ‘is he elite, is he one of the best?’ I did call it out.”
Burleson’s words have proven to be somewhat prophetic, so what is his next prophecy for the Lions?
“My next prophecy is that The Detroit lions will win a playoff game,” said Burleson.
When asked if that playoff win would occur this season, Burleson’s reply was short and to the point: “Yeah.”
Burleson has played a key role in the Lions turnaround and even had a hand in Johnson’s development.   He will also have an opportunity to be a significant factor in making his latest prediction come to fruition.
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