The Den), our message boards are continuing to be busy even in the depths of the off-season."> The Den), our message boards are continuing to be busy even in the depths of the off-season.">

Information on the Forum Upgrade

The message board system went under surgery last night and came back a more improved animal. The upgrade is done and things seem back to abnormal. This article contains some information about the board upgrade for our visitors. With over 1,800 Lions fans who have left messages on The forums (including <a href="">The Den</a>), our message boards are continuing to be busy even in the depths of the off-season.

Wednesday evening, the message boards were upgraded to version 7.2. This is an important release. It includes a number of enhancements intended to make the message boards more useful and easier to administer.

If you are having problems

It doesn't appear that many people are having any trouble with the upgrade, but those who have written in generally are able to fix their problems by logging out and then logging back in again. If you have pop-up killers running or high security settings in your browser, you may find that it's tough for the system to write a "cookie" to your computer to remember your log in information. If that is the case, you will want to temporarily disable your pop-up killer or lower your security settings while you log in to the boards. Then you can return the pop-up killer or security settings to the way they were. As an aside, is not running any pop-up ads.

If you have any problems which continue after this point, feel free to let us know by e-mail at

Key Enhancements to Forums

1. EzInbox

ezInbox is a web-based messaging and message storage solution for every user and replaces private messaging. Subscribers receive the full-featured ezInbox including unlimited message sending capability, Friends & Ignore list, up to 20 custom inbox folders, 100 messages per folder limit, Sent & Drafts folders, and more. Non subscribers will receive only 10 messages total, and only be able to send 5 PM’s a day.

2. Improved New Message Indicators

New message Icon within topics shows you what posts within a topic are new, if you use the Mark Forum Read feature. To jump to information on how to use the Mark Read feature, click here.

3. Shadow Topics

Shadow topics allow moderators to move posts from one forum to another, but leave a "reminder" that the post was removed. This moves activity on a particular thread to another forum, but leaves a link in the topic listing that can be followed. This will be especially useful for us on the more heavily moderated forums, such as Ask the Insiders and The Den.


How to Use EzInbox

ezInbox is ezboard’s web-based, user-to-user messaging system. A convenient communication tool for all ezboard users, ezInbox is accessed directly through your Control Center and which allows you to send and receive messages from any computer. This feature has been designed especially for subscribers, who receive the full-featured version. Paid features include: Friends & Ignore lists, Drafts & Sent Items folders, up to 20 custom message folders, 100 messages per folder capacity, a "send to email" option, and more.

Key Information

  • ezInbox replaces the old Private Messaging service.
  • Free user accounts may only send and receive a maximum of 25 messages in a 24-hour period.
  • Subscribers have access to all ezInbox features & preferences, and can send unlimited messages.

EzInbox functionality is very intuitive and similar to most web-based email interfaces. We recommend playing around with the feature in order to make the most of this useful tool.

How to access my ezInbox

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. On the right hand side of the page you will see the My Inbox header. Under that header you can access all of your message folders as well as your Friends or Ignored list, and your Preferences.

How to send a message

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. Click on the Send a Message link.
  3. Here you can choose users to send your message to by typing in usernames or using your Friends list.
  4. Fill in the desired subject and message body and click on the Send Message button.

Note: You can also send a message to a user when viewing their public profile. Simply click on Send me a Message and you will be taken to the compose message screen in your Control Center. Follow step 4 to send the message.

How to move messages between folders

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. Go into the folder where the message(s) you want to move is located.
  3. Check the box next to the message(s) and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. On the right hand side, use the Move Checked To menu to select the folder to move the message(s) to.
  5. Then click on the OK button.

How to create a custom folder

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. Under the My Inbox header click on the Add a folder… link.
  3. A text box will open and you can type in the name of your new folder.
  4. Then click on the Add button.
  5. You can navigate though folders either on the My Accounts tab or inside each folder by using the drop-down menu.

Note: Only subscribers can create custom folders. There is a limit of 20 custom folders per ezSupporter account. Each folder can hold 100 messages.

How to delete a folder

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in)
  2. Enter the folder you want to delete and click on Delete This Folder.
  3. You will be prompted for confirmation. Click the Delete This Folder button to continue.

Note: Only subscribers can delete custom folders.

How to add friends

If you are a subscriber you can add usernames to your Friends List to make message sending a breeze as well as being able to manage who can and can't send messages to you.

  1. To do this, Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. Under the My Inbox header click on the Friends link.
  3. Type in the username (Global or Local) to add to your list and click on the Add button.
  4. The user you add will receive a message under their My Friends section to either Accept or Decline you.
  5. When have been accepted or declined – a message will be delivered to your Inbox letting you know what the decision was.

Note: Non-Subscribers are not be able to add a friend to their list, but are able to accept or decline being added to a subscribers friends list.

How to accept or decline an add friends request

  1. If someone is requesting to add you to their friends list you will see a "waiting" notice next to the Friends link in your Control Center.
  2. Click on the Friends link and place a check next to the username(s).
  3. Select Accept or Decline by clicking on the button.

How to ignore users

  1. If you are a subscriber you can ignore users making it impossible for them to send you messages.
  2. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  3. Under the My Inbox header click on the Ignore link.
  4. Type in the username to ignore and click on the Add button.

How to change preferences for my ezInbox

  1. Go to your Control Center (you may have to log in).
  2. Under the My Inbox header click on the Inbox Preferences link.
  3. In this screen you can adjust all of your ezInbox settings for receiving, sending and accepting messages.

What are the differences in features between TI Subscribers and non subscribers?


  1. Add up to 20 custom message folders. Each folder can hold 100 messages.
  2. Unlimited message sending capability -- send as many messages as you want, anytime.
  3. Send a single message to up to 20 users.
  4. Access to both the Friends and Ignore User list. Accept message only from users identified as friends.
  5. Save unfinished messages in the Drafts folder, and copies of sent messages in the Sent Items folder.
  6. Get copies of Inbox messages sent to your email.

Free registered accounts

  1. Can only send 25 messages per 24 hours.
  2. Limit one user per message when sending.
  3. Two folder limit: Inbox and Trash, with a five message per folder capacity.
  4. Trash folder is automatically deleted after 72 hours.
  5. Accept or decline add friend requests, but do not have access to the Friends List feature.

Mark Forum Read / Show New Only

You can save yourself time and energy by using the Mark Forum Read and Show New Only features. To effectively use these two features available to all registered users, simply follow these steps outlined below.

Key Information

You have to be logged into your account to use these features.

If you are posting with two windows open – marking a forum read can be overridden by any changes you make in the other window, so make sure to only have one window open and active.

How to use Mark Forum Read

  1. Read all posts and topics in a given forum.
  2. Click on the Mark Forum Read link at the top of the Topic Listing / Forum page. This will remove all New Topic/Post icons in the forum. If you leave it like this the next time you visit the forum you will only need to visit the topics with the new icons.

How to use Show New Only

  1. Read all posts and topics in a given forum.
  2. You can click on the Show New Only link at the top before leaving the forum. If you use the features together like this, the next time you visit the forum, you will only see new topics or topics with new posts.

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