Lions Still Eyeing Potential Moves

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Adrian Donofrio -

With training camps already beginning for some NFL teams, front offices all over the league are scrambling to sign all of their draft picks. In fact, very few teams have all of their picks signed. The Lions on the other hand, have all six of their picks under contract. And yet the Lions still have room under the salary cap, so the next question is, where do they go from here?

One possibility is giving a contract extension to Wide Reciever Germane Crowell, because his contract is up at the end of this season. With an explosive 1,338 yard season in 1999, he's shown he can get it done, but a broken metatarsal bone in his stalled him last season from showing more of his potential ability.

Another possibility is to add depth at the safety position.

That is arguably the thinnest position on the roster, causing management to discuss the possibility of using fourth year player Lamar Campbell at safety. Adding a veteran safety would not surprise anybody, though, and wouldn't be looked at as a bad move on management's part.

The final possibility is going after yet another defensive lineman, Alonzo Spellman. League sources say that the Lions still haven't ruled him out. This remains the least likely of all possibilities because of the already adequate supply at DL, but Spellman at a good price could lead to a release of an under-achieving player at the same position. The recent discover of a blood clot in fellow D-Lineman Jared DeVries' arm is not a green light to sign him, because they play different positions on the line, but league sources insist that the Lions haven't ruled him out just yet.

Now that the Lions have signed their entire draft, they take care of some of the questions marks going into the upcoming season. And while you would need hip waders to muscle your way through the rest of the question marks, the Lions have taken care of the draft, and are ready to get down to business at training camp.

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