"We Expect to Win"

As the Lions head in to the their first full weekend of practice as a whole team under rookie head coach Marty Mornhinweg there is one common goal and one thing he does expect and he will make sure that everyone knows it and he will except no excuses.

"Number one, we expect to win, and I want to make sure all of us understand that from day one. 'There's a hole here, there's a hole there. "All that fancy stuff about rebuilding. That's out. Those are excuses," Mornhinweg said. "We go from that to exactly the kind of detail we want to accomplish and how they're going to do it in this training camp."

Training Camp practice are now open to the public and the Lions will have their first practice in full pads on Saturday morning. There will be many things that the Lions rookie head coach will be looking at when the Lions finally get into pads.

"We've got a few things that I want to take a good look at, the speed of the secondary, speed at the linebacker spot, certainly our quarterback spot, our offensive line spot. Those are the things that come to the forefront," said Mornhinweg.

But Mornhinweg knows that it will take a team effort to accomplish his goal of winning now, and every player will have to do what it takes to make sure that goal is reached.

"It's a big camp for everybody at every position," Mornhinweg said.

Question going into Training Camp.

1. What will the starting offense line look like come September 9 at Green Bay?

The Lions have drafted an offense lineman in the first round of the draft in the last three years. But where those three players end up starting will determine the success or failure of the team's offense. There is also battle for the teams starting center position that will be determined in training camp. Eric Beverly has the inside position on the job but second round draft choice Dominic Raiola will push him hard in camp. The only starting player that we know where his position will be is Brenden Stai who will be at one of the starting guard positions.

2. Can Charlie Batch stay healthy in training camp, the pre-season and ultimately the regular season?

He has the best chance of his career to do just that. Batch has added muscle and weight to his frame since he was on an intense off-season workout program to make his upper and lower body stronger and give him a better chance to be successful. But only time will tell if this off-season will make any difference to the final out come of him playing a full season.

3. Will Matt Millen and Marty Mornhinweg make a difference or are these the same old Lions?

Both Millen and Mornhinweg are intense people who have brought a different attitude to the Lions, now will this translate to wins on Sunday? Only time will tell, but we will get a greater look in training camp at how the West Coast offense will be run, and if the Lions have the right people at the right positions to ultimately win football games.

4. Who will be running back James Stewart's backup this season?

That is something worth watching this training camp and preseason, and right know as there is no clear-cut favorite. Reuben Droughns, Lamont Warren, Sedrick Irvin, and Amp Lee all have a shot at becoming the backup running back. The Lions will most like only keep two of these player on the roster, Warren and Lee where signed in the off-season by Millen and Mornhinweg, and Droughns and Irvin where holdovers from Bobby Ross's team last season. So stay tuned on this one, it should be an interesting battle that will run through the whole training camp and pre-season games as well.

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