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Justin Vanfulpen - LionsFans.com

First day of pads and hitting brings out the fire in players, and this first day was no different.

In the morning practices, starting quarterback Charlie Batch and second year linebacker Barrett Green got into it. Green gave Batch a small hit as Charlie was running in the open field and Charlie didn't care to much for it so he chucked the ball at Green's head and then walked back to the huddle. But as Batch turned his back, Green gave him a shove in the back. After the scuffle took place, some of the offensive linemen rushed out on the field to protect Batch and then the entire team came in a group.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving but no punches where thrown.

"No, I'm not suppose to get hit, touching me is fine, don't hit me. That is one thing that coach stressed before and I just got upset," said Batch after the practice was over about the incident.

"But it's all right, it's over with, the play is done, it is something that should not happen again, at least my part throwing the ball at his head," continued Batch.

Both players, including the team, talked about the incident and head coach Marty Mornhinweg said it won't happen again -- at least not with the quarterback.

With the large investment that the Lions have in Batch, and his past history with injuries, the Lions cannot afford for their quarterback to get hurt on a silly incident.

Other News and Notes from SVSU:

Running Back Lamont Warren has shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, and has some nice moves running the ball as well.

Defensive End James Hall is just blowing away offensive linemen with his speed and quickness and also has shown the ability to bull rush them as well.

Right tackle Aaron Gibson has been holding his own against Robert Porcher, and the rest of the defensive ends, and shows no ill-effects from off-season surgery.

On the injury front, TE David Sloan, and OT Jeff Backus have injuries to their hands, WR Scott Anderson has a injury to his hip, but all are small and shouldn't effect anyone's practice time. Sloan's injury is the serious and will have to have x-rays done on it.

One player that didn't look so good in morning work-out was second year pro Stocker McDougle, who was overpowered a few times and ended up on the ground.

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