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Justin Vanfulpen -

Aaron Gibson was most likely the Lions' best offense lineman for at least the first 10 games last-season before he went down with a shoulder injury that required surgery. This training camp, thus far, Gibson looks like he still is the Lions most talented offense linemen -- despite the two previous first round draft selections being offensive linemen. Although the Lions' coaching staff is holding him out of one-on-one drills, Gibson is dominating against Pro Bowler Robert Porcher -- or speed rushers Tracy Scroggins and James Hall -- in team drills.

"I'm doing everything but one-on-one drills. That is just kind of a precautionary so that I can just get in the rest of the practices," said Gibson.

So how is the shoulder that he had surgery on holding up in the team drills?

"Good, it's holding up, it's just going to have the general soreness and everything seems to be going great," Gibson said.

The key to the Lions being successful this season is on offense, including the new installment of the West Coast offense and how effectively the offensive line plays together as a unit. Gibson can be the most dominate one out there but if the Lions line doesn't gel as a unit, the team will suffer.

"We just need to gel as one. We've got a lot of new people and that is probably the main difference right know, we all need to gel together," Gibson said.

Lions Offensive Line Depth Chart

LT: 76 Jeff Backus – 61 Will Cuthbert

LG: 73 Stockar McDaugle – 62 Tony Semple

C: 79 Eric Berverly – 51 Dominic Raiola

RG: 66 Brenden Stai – 65 Kerlin Blaise

RT: 71 Aaron Gibson – 72 Ray Roberts

These men will have a huge part in how successful the team is this season. If they all can stay healthy and work together in all of training camp and all four pre-season games, and get a feel for each other, the Lions offensive line should have a shot at being a very formidable one, maybe the best offensive line Detroit has seen in years.

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