X-and-O Show: Wright's run stop

Chicago's defense held its own against the Texans, despite the Bears losing the game. We use coach's film to break down one particularly impressive run stop from Sunday night.

The Play

The Texans line up in a strong-right, offset-I formation. QB Matt Schaub is under center with RB Arian Foster in the backfield. The Bears counter with their base 4-3 defense.

The Texans will attempt to run Foster off tackle to the strong side. The center and right guard will double team DT Nate Collins. The left guard will reach block on NT Stephen Paea. At the snap, Collins will explode into the double team, driving both blockers into the backfield.

The play will eventually bounce outside in the direction of S Major Wright, who is lined up across from WR Andre Johnson. At the snap, Johnson will try to block Wright one on one.

Here you see Collins driving blockers right into the running back's face. Foster will try to cut back inside. Paea – who uses his hands to bury the left guard into the ground on his reach block attempt – as well as LBs Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, fill the hole, not allowing Foster a cutback lane. This forces him to bounce outside.

As Foster is bouncing outside, Wright gains leverage on Johnson and uses his outside foot to stabilize his body. He then sits outside and waits for the runner.

As Foster tries to turn the corner, Wright disengages from the blocker and wraps up the ball carrier. He brings Foster to the ground for a one-yard gain.

Why it Worked

Every single player for Chicago's defense does his job on this play. Collins explodes off the ball and is able to penetrate at the point of attack. The line has to double team him, leaving the linebackers untouched.

Paea sheds the reach block and steps over the blocker to shut down the cutback lane, with the help of Urlacher and Briggs.

Yet Wright's physical effort on this play is most impressive. He takes on a block, holds his ground, releases from the blocker and makes the tackle. Throughout the game, Wright served as a fourth linebacker in the box, making play after play on Foster. Wright's effort against the run this year has been phenomenal, especially considering how he struggled last season. He is one of the main reasons opposing offenses have struggled to move the ball on the ground this season.

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